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  1. Lifes.Lover

    Oh, My God, Please Save Me

    So, I go away for nearly a year.... And everything changes!? Oh, my gosh! What happened to my background... what? *dies* Okay, long story short, who remembers me? Some of you have got to, right? Anyway, I decided to stay away because the spoilers for BbS were getting astronomically hard to...
  2. Lifes.Lover

    Birthday Wishes to Someone

    Happy Birthday, Araliya. Fifteen is so totally a big deal, yes it is. Even though you're still only 14 in your time zone, every where else, you're officially 15. So, happy birthday. I'd find you a cake, but I'll do that later when I'm not so tired. Love ya, girly! Everyone, say happy...
  3. Lifes.Lover

    Updated Site

    Hey, everybody. I suppose this could be old news, considering that Re: CoM came out a while ago, and somebody might have already spotted this, but... The trailer on the English site has finally updated, and can be seen. It's a little laggy, or perhaps that's just my computer, but for those...
  4. Lifes.Lover

    Breathing For Two

    Breathing For Two It was a click, a flare, then an inhalation and then an exhalation. And then it was repeated. Click. Flare. Inhale. Exhale. And it was maddening. Click. Flare. Inhale. Exhale. And then it stopped, leaving only the silence to deaden my hearing. But in my head, it...
  5. Lifes.Lover

    Recommendations for DS

    Well, another Christmas has come and gone. Well, to those that celebrate, anyway. Because of the new Kingdom Hearts game set to come out within the next year (358/2 Days), I took it upon myself to ask for a Nintendo DS for Christmas. One of two things, actually. And it certainly worked to my...
  6. Lifes.Lover

    Pinocchio in Traverse Town

    Recently, I started to replay Kingdom Hearts 1, for the fifth time. Tonight, I made it to Traverse Town for the second time. This is the time where Riku is met, the warp (THANK GOD!) gummi is put on, and Winnie the Pooh's book becomes available. Remember? Anyway, when I went into the Accessory...
  7. Lifes.Lover

    Xion- A Nobody from the Other Side?

    First of all, may I just say that I can't believe I cracked and made a Xion theory. Second of all, I don't wholly support this theory myself, nor do I have much evidence (if any) to prove it. But asides from that, I thought that it might be an interesting idea, that, if someone were able to...
  8. Lifes.Lover

    Organization XIII/Coded Theory

    Alright, so this is my first theory posted here, and might be my last, seeing as how I don't honestly know how I came up with this one. I searched for this theory in other posts, but I haven't found one quite like it. In fact, this is two theories, though both pertain to Organization XIII. So...