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  1. DizInMyPants

    Best Abilties for Ven?

    I was just wondering what the best abilities are for Ven so I can get through the Keepers of the Arena mission in the Mirage Arena. Also, a bonus question, what would you do if suddenly you woke up with the body proportions of Sora, Roxas, and the others. i.e. BIG feet and hands, etc...
  2. DizInMyPants

    Thoughts on Bbs? Good? Bad? Ugly?

    I don't know of any other way to say it, but what were your thoughts on Bbs? Was the storyline horrible? Did the long loading times get to you? Or were you not impressed by the new battle system? I personally think it's the second best in the series, right behind KH1. Also, I just joined...