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  1. Arausio

    a new being of pure darkness?

    Do you guys think there will be a new being of darkness? we all know MX's plan is too forge the x-blade and now that vanitas is gone do you think he will use Ienzo or someone else?
  2. Arausio

    The Hangover Part II

    IxooES7zSiI YES .
  3. Arausio

    getting a tattoo for christmas.

    my mom agreed to it finally lol so yeah im still deciding on what to get and where to get it. So i came here to see your guys' opinions. so any ideas?? :P
  4. Arausio

    Captin Planet

    i never understood it, i mean the "bad guys" were just people doing their jobs! and what kind of element is Heart? discuss?(:
  5. Arausio

    the forums are acting up

    first the whole thing wouldnt open?? =( now its not letting be read any threads it keeps saying database error =/ what happend to KHI??
  6. Arausio

    riku and destiny's place (bbs ending spoilers)

    so we know through kh-kh2 that riku has been to the realm of darkness and at the end of bbs we see aqua there... now is it possible that they have met, and she gave riku that keyblade?.. i dont know if this has been brought up before and if it has please direct me to that thread. discuss.
  7. Arausio

    finally BBS is old news

    so this is where it pretty much ends for the BBS hype. is anyone gunna stay off of the forums when the games come out?
  8. Arausio

    quick question

    i reserved the bundle, now i heard somthing about a data install whats that? do i need it? how much?
  9. Arausio

    pokemon battles and battle records.

    . so in this thread i want people to announce pokemon battles. also if Cloud and Reil want we can use this for the pokemon leauge challenge. and if it does happend the list will change every gym leader to zero. i will make a list to show who has the highest record. you can also post your...
  10. Arausio

    Which is your favorite pokemon?

    i didnt post this in the other pokemon thread cause i thought it deserved it's own. so yeah mine would have to be lanturn. Out of the 493 total pokemon, which is yours?
  11. Arausio

    KH3D be about dreams??

    so in the Kh3D video explination we got, it says that sora was flying around and he had the keyblade somthing along those lines. and in kh1 sora fell into a dream where he saw kairi's grandmother, before that tho he was gliding... and i know that "dream" was a memory, but for my point maybe...
  12. Arausio

    gamespot E3 noruma interview

    dont know if this is new but here it its!! GameSpot: How was KH: Birth by Sleep received in Japan? Tetsuya Nomura: After its release, Birth by Sleep was praised as the best KH title on the PSP. I think the reason for this is because it was developed in an environment similar to the...
  13. Arausio

    how special is Riku??

    so we know that in CoM riku learns to accept Ansems darkness and use it as his own while still having his light, in KH2 he used it to its fullest and became Ansem (xehanorts heartless) in CoM zexion says "no one wears the darkness like he does, its impossible!" or somthing like that if...
  14. Arausio

    heartless and nobodies, master xehanort

    YouTube - Birth by Sleep, Japanese cutscene: 90 - Lingering Senitment so in this video master xehanort gives up his own heart, so does he have a heartless and a nobody at this point? or was his heart not strong enough?? if he ended up having a heartless and nobody do you think mister...
  15. Arausio

    where was Aqua?

    at the end of KH2 RIku and Sora end up in the realm of Darkness and by the end of BBS shouldnt Aqua be there too?? might be a dead end thread but its just something i was curious about. discuss?
  16. Arausio

    utdada hikaru live

    since its music thought id put it here found this and thought everyone might like to hear it(: if its old, my apologies. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Ending LIVE Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean
  17. Arausio


    2 Channel - English Navigator scroll down under news and click on game news and it say BBS in big letters i found this and im purtty sure it talk about BBS .. soo if someone can tell me what it says i would greatly appreaciate it There's a rumor going around that the next Kingdom Hearts...
  18. Arausio

    namine o.0

    now i know taht everyone is wondering why no one remeber's any of the events of BBS but i was replaying CoM and a line that namine said "memories can be forgotten but not lost" or somewhere among those lines.. now maybe this happend to everyone during the time of BBS something happend...
  19. Arausio

    ansem the wise

    ok so i poseted a thread a while back asking where you guys the ATW is and some said he would appear the newst trailer but no he didnt lol just his voice.. now i wanna know why the havent shown any scans or any type of information on him.. why do you guys think they are hidding him...
  20. Arausio

    mickey behined ven

    mickey.bmp here is a better picture of mickey that was seen in my other thread now i wanna ask do you think that because of this mickey will have a deep connection with ven?? i mean he dioes show up and help fight vanitas?? hmm what are your thoughts? (when you open the file, just...