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    that computer that's counting the percentage

    I looked everywhere and I can't remember where I found it, but does anyone know what the comptuer voice is counting? like every so often it says like 73% and stuff. Is it saying how much of sora's memory is complete? I'm not s ure, I appreciate it guys! Thanks!
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    KH2 on YAHOO!

    Sorry if this really bores you but I thought everyone would be proud to know that KH2 is the #1 searched for game on YAHOO! If you just go to yahoo.com and scroll down a bit you'll see it thumbnailed...anyway..hope someone else finds that pretty cool. also when I clicked on the link...
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    BHK bracelet and fingercuffs

    These probably have a deeper meaning...OBVIOUSLY! But for the non-punk-rockers out there, the checkers like on his wrist and fingers (like on the Vans shoes) means Unity. That's why people wear the vans, it means unity (hence the black and white or whatever else color) but that must mean there...
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    BHK and Sora possible relation...

    I, personally, thinkg BHK is a shell like the enigmatic man. Because in KH sora lost his heart for a while and became a heartless, so his heart was casted off from the body (but kairi came back into th ep icture and brought him back) so I think that is why he looks like him and is looking for...