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  1. Elliekey13

    Honestly Here’s what Roxas and Ventus truly need in order for people to tell them apart!

    Perhaps I'm mistaken, but If you look closely at Roxas and Ven's hair, I believe Roxas's is actually a shade darker already. I could just be me, but I'm sure Its there.
  2. Elliekey13

    Why were world’s restored after Ansem SoD defeat?

    It's because the darkness was breaking down the walls guarding the worlds, and getting rid of the darkness would allow the world barriers to be restored. Because Ansem was the one controlling the darkness at the time it was just summed up into "kill Ansem, fix the worlds". I also believe it was...
  3. Elliekey13

    Who Was The Traitor?

    You could be right. Were getting a lot of information at once about the Union X characters that anyone could be doing anything.
  4. Elliekey13

    Who Was The Traitor?

    You know, I kind of think there WAS'NT a traitor. For the sake of this theory, let's pretend that MoM wanted the key blade war to happen (cuz come on, that guy is super mysterious, no one knows what he wants). Well, when it came down to it, the event that really sparked they keyblade war was the...
  5. Elliekey13

    Can someone explain this to me, please?

    We haven't really been shown EXACTLY why yet, but I assume that Ventus originally lived in the era of fairytales. Then I figure he somehow time traveled into the present day for some reason of another, along with some of his friends like Lauriam. Hopefully we'll get a proper explanation soon...
  6. Elliekey13

    Are there other keyblade wielders besides the heroes we know?

    I would be surprised if there weren't. I mean, Eraqus is a descendant of one of the keykids, right? Most likely one of the leaders. And even though a significant portion of the keybalde wielders were killed in the war, a decent amount did survive. So I find it unlikely at least a few didn't...
  7. Elliekey13

    DLC dreams you know won’t come true

    I'm just siting in the corner hopping and praying for playable Ventus. Let our wind child have his traumatic keyblade war flashbacks please.
  8. Elliekey13

    Since Riku Replica should have a name. . .

    Or for short, Repliku.
  9. Elliekey13

    Which KH3 cooking minigame causes you to nervously sweat the most?

    I never had trouble with the egg mini game. My kryptonite was actually the salt and pepper seasoning game. For the longest time, I thought I had to press the button as the ring got to the golden part to pass, and this led to making me "too slow" Every gosh dang time I would attempt it. Now that...
  10. Elliekey13

    The Sleeping Realm Theory

    Oh god, don't let Nomura hear you, your giving him ideas.
  11. Elliekey13

    Has Mickey Lost His "Special" Feel

    I agree, to some extent. While I do feel that Mickey could have done with out losing pretty much all of his fights (getting captured by aqua was kinda pathetic. Sure, she's a keyblade master and all, but Mickey is too) I also feel that it wouldn't have made much sense for Mickey to be on the...
  12. Elliekey13


    Well, we know that when Ven left the land of departure he was 16. And we also know he trained with Master Erasqueze for 4 years. So this mean that, the oldest Ven could have been when training with master Xehanort is 12. And, assuming he was training with Xehanort for less than a year, he...
  13. Elliekey13

    Eraqus' and Xehanort's master

    Herm, that's an interesting theory. Well, in the ultimania interview Nomura said that Erauqs was a blue blood, of a descendant of a dandelion. I find it hard to believe that he would be a descendant of an non important character, considering how important he is. Plus, (assuming subject x is...
  14. Elliekey13

    Who is the traitor, and what is their goal? SPOILERS FOR 3

    Okay, so I just want to throw this out there. I think the traitor is Brain. He's the only one who doesn't have an alibi if you will. We know what happened to Ventus and Luriam after the time travel event, and I think that 'subject x' from KH3 secret reports is Skuld (more on that later) Also, we...