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    5 problems with fighting games!!!!

    Here are the 5 problems with most fighting Games I played. If you really think about it some of this things are true. 1. When you play a fighting game most of the time they have one or more characters that have some type of weapon on him/her yet there is no move to use it. What is the point of...
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    Angel Destiny RP

    Here is a rp I made anyone can join it just make your character. The whole point of this story is well The main character (me) is the son of the Angel Warrior who destoryed the Demon King but gave his life to do it. Now the son of the Demon King named Lucien wants to bring his father back so he...
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    The KingdomHearts Rank's

    I always wondered about this but never asked. Well here I go I think everyone knows about those ranks that are under every users screen name right??? (Heartless, Gummi Ship Builder, Store Keeper, and others) I was wondering if someone can please tell me all the ranks you can get and how many...
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    Can some one help me????

    I really need some gil can someone donate me some?????? I would really be happy thanks.