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    How do I unlock the secret ending in FM+

    I beat critical mode but nothing happened...what do I do?
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    whats the name of keyblade that you get from beating roxas?

    Does anyone know? Just Wondering
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    Kingdomhearts: Dawn Of Sorrows (DOS)

    Prolouge: We find our heroes back on Destiny Islands where life has been just like it was before. Riku was sitting on the tree, Sora would hang out in the secret place but kairi's llife on the island was a little different because of the fact that Sora was so concentrated on that letter from...
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    question about FM+ how do I unlock the ES?

    can someone plz help me? I've done everything but beat xemnas and the org rematch...what do I have to do?
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    Need help I have FM+ and I just got limit form

    How do I level up Limit Form? do I have to kill anything specific or what do I have to do?
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    A thought about connection between xeahnort and Terra

    I was thinking It was said that Terra had a connection to Xeahnort even that he possibly may be xeahnort in the past. I was thinking now that maybe it really is Xeahnort because If he had no memory of what happened then how would he remember his name being Terra. Just A thought
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    First Off Sorry if this has already been found but I think I found the third symbol

    I think I found the third symbol besides heartless and Nobody...I was looking through the strategy guide when I can across the symbol its on I think Pg.43 and on other pages Sorry If this has already been found but I remember everyone talking about the third being besides heartless and nobody...
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    Kingdomhearts The Keyblade Wars

    I would like to have feedback and comments and please keep it positive and dont ask how I got it please just want feedback on what you think thanks http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g292/mastermind2076/KINGDOMHEART3.jpg
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    ! I want feedback on this what do you think? Kingdomhearts The Kyeblade Wars

    dont ask how I got it..i just want feedback on what you think...theories,comments anything and please try and keep it positive...thanks here is the pic http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g292/mastermind2076/KINGDOMHEART3.jpg
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    what if the old man whos with DHK is Xehanorts third being?

    Since there is a suppose be a third being what if the old man is xehanorts third being?
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    theory: I dont think Xemnas was the knight in the final battle

    I have this feeling that Xemnas was not the knight in the final battle of KH2 because the knight in the recent video of KH2:FM looked similar to the knight in the final battle (based on the colors of the knight) I think Xemnas sent the knight to try and destroy Sora and Riku. please comment on...
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    KH3 on PS3 confirmed!!!

    Okay so I found this interview between a journalist of some kind and the Square enix Marketing Manager...heres the interveiw. A journalist named Itani from Kingdom Hearts Extreme has posted part of an interview which was mostly about Final Fantasy XII, but here are the Kingdom Hearts related...
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    The last scene in the recent trailer is a flashback

    It has to be a flash back because in Ansem Report #13 Ansem says Only one mystery remains. How did Xehanort manage to open the door that appeared in the basement of my castle...? and these reports were written before KH2 took place so I think that its a flashback. Heres the whole report if...
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    A figh between Roxas and Ansem or is it Riku?

    I realized that on the Official KH2:FM site there is a picture of Roxas fighting Ansem/Riku I dont know if this has been talked about already but I was wondering if this was the first time Riku was sent to fight Roxas and if its playable. heres how to see the pic first go to this link...
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    Theory About ORG.XIII and ENDLESS

    I found it kind of strange that Xehanort would be the real Xemnas and Ansem I think that Xehanort is and ENDLESS (if the ENDLESS theory is real) it is said that ENDLESS might be a new enemy like the heartless and nobodies but the ORG. names all have X's in them and if Xehanort is the real one...
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    This is my theory of KH3 and the keyblade war

    My Theory on KH3 I think that in KH3 the whole warrior idea is going to be the core of the game and there will be MANY keyblade masters who all specialize in there own personal powers or something like that, and in the game you would fight in the war and have to go get info on the bad keyblade...
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    This is weird

    This is weird (based on Kh2 secret ending) I jus wanna know because I cant remeber if fenrir had a keychain in KH2 Im asking because I know we've already seen that the keyblade knight #1 is holding does not have a keychain..but when the camera zoomed out fenrir did not have on either..the only...