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    Fanfiction ► KH in Highschool

    NOOOO!! need...more phhhhhterterseteded
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    Pork! the other white meat...stupid racist meats.
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    Wave of darkness

    I was watching the opening movie for Kingdom Hearts for the 40th time and just started thinking. The water could represent darkness, couldn't it? When we first see Sora on his island he sees Riku in the sea, he starts to run out to him but stops short, he notices the water. He notices the...
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    Fanfiction ► Ansem <VS> A Rock

    This was very funny. please continue
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    English command in KH2 trailer

    In the Hi-quality Kingdom Hearts 2 trailer, on the videos page, if you look at the command menu you will notice that it says command in English. Watch later Sora uses a spell on his shortcut menu and it says it in English too. He has 4 spell slots and in the trailer it shows at least 1 new one...
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    Kingdom Hearts II Quotes

    I don't know if anybody has ever posted these but I thought I would anyway. They flash by at the end of Another Side, Another Story and I thought them interesting " You are the source of all heartless." " His voice… I don’t hear it anymore." " This is the world in its true form." " Your...