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    Still smells like Sam

    Well, after over a year of inactivity and giving this whole forum the complete abandonment treatment I've found myself back here. Most may not know me, others may remember me but doubtful. This is the return of a most likely long forgotten member of the KHI boards. Hey everyone. =)
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    Happy Birthday Lord_Canti!

    Yah, that's right... it's my birthday tommorrow. XD But since I won't be on like all day tommorrow I thought I'd start a party thread today! And besides... it already says 14 beside age. So let this birthday party begin! P.S. I expect presents! XP
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    The Adventures of the Fantabulistic 5!

    Yup... this is the comic that me and Spastic made a few months back and we decided to bring it to the public. Be expecting issue 1 maybe today. ^^ Issue 1: Story by Lord_Canti Art by XSpasticPrincess Likey?
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    Disobey him and he'll attack. D=<
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    Well it's just been a bucket o' fun...

    I think it's time I take my leave. I mean, I don't really have a reason for this sudden good-bye, all I can say is that Canti gets bored easily. <.<;; Well see you all around. P.S. I may come on every once in a while just to say hello and what not. P.P.S I'm staying for about another week...
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    Lets see what all the hype is about. (Rp battle)

    Alright, I’ve been seeing all this rp battling going down so I’ve decided to get into the loop. To be honest this will me my first time battling and I’ve only read around 2 so please if you’re a god in here (I’m talking to you LoC) or just someone uber pro(Zetsumi and a few others) please take...
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    The Alchemist Tournament

    First I’d like to point out a few things. One, this idea was not even mine it was an old friend’s rp and I decided I’d resurrect it. Also this has nothing to do with the series besides the fact that Ed and Al may be in it. Well anywho, onto the rp. =D A grand tournament is about to be held in...
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    Lord_Canti Fanclub V2.0

    Now with member list and titles! Love me. XD Prez: Yours Truely Commander of Supreme Crazy Awesomeness: dejah Vice Prez's: King Naruto and TrueBeliever The Sexy Fool: Freya Personal Hairstylist: Princess Sakura(are you up for the challange?!) Spectator: Dawning Twilight My asian...
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    Tale of The Thief Lords

    ((This rp is in memory of Mystic-Fire/Price Itachi/Yoh Asakura and was originally his idea. I hope that you will come back one day Mystic, I miss him and I’m sure plenty others do too.)) Theft is also known as a sin, but for them, theft is their lives. They live, borrowing without permission...
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    Love him or Hate him

    Come on let's here it where's the love? Where's the hate? Lurves meh: King Naruto( in a wierd prison manxman way...) Cloudy_Card heartless nobody TheMuffinMan(I see a <3 so you go here..tell me if you object.) Haters moi: heartless nobody Never heard of me!/neutral: _Riku_ slinky .:Engetsu...
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    Anime Villains

    This thread is for one perpose only...To talk about anime villains. Like, which is your favourite? which don't you like? which is the coolest? Just come and chat it up about teh villains.^^
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    The Word Game!=D

    Here's one for you. Someone says a word, then you have to say the first word that comes to your head. example: Bob: Keyboard Bill: comupter and so on... Ok I'll start! Snowman.
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    Much VJ Search

    I dunno...have you seen it? What are your thoughts? Who so you think will win? You know...just discuss it really.^^ I personally want either Tim, Sean, or ....the long haired chick to win.^^''
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    Ya I'm just sayin' g-bye to ya'll for a bit. Rp'n has just taken over my life...in better words L_C needs a life.^^;; But ya anyways cya'll later...I'll be back though! Lord_Canti Signing out! PEACE!:D PS: To those I'm in rp's with...do whatever you want with my characters.^^ PSS: Some of...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Return Of a Hero (originally made by The Other Side)

    ((Please PM your character sheet to me before you post it here)) Years ago, a boy named Sora closed Kingdom Hearts, The Door to Darkness, and saved the worlds from Eternal Darkness.He has returned to Destiny Islands with his friends Riku, Kairi, and Namine. Also,new Keywielders and their...
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    .Hack//The New Era

    Subject:Legend of the twighlight Sender:W. B. Yeates --------------------------------------------- The hero of the braclet has arrived. With the protection of the Goddess of Dawn, Bringing along the daughter with the name of the western Wind. Just like the hero of the legend Who seized the...
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    The Little Coffee Shop of Horrors

    ooc:I was inspired to make this rp by my hero Tim Burton and his twisted but amazing book of poetry called "The Meloncholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories." This is a story, about a whole building full of individuals how were shund from society to one little place that was built for people...
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    The Dark Sorcerer

    My first Rp I ever made!O.O...please don't poke and prode.(flame ahahaha^^;) Everyone was all snug in their beds ready to go to sleep in the desert city of Anarkech. With the candles and lanterns being blown out, windows turning pitch black and the streets lit dimly with...
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    Caged hopes(remake)

    This Roleplay takes place in a juvenile prison, for teenagers of all ages. It is also a sort of school, to teach them basic things such as math, science, and english. (just think of it as school with bars. heh.) Crimes commited such as murder, kidnappings, and other things are just able accesses...
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    Most Hated .Hack Character?

    I hate Piros he is just so anoying...ARK HE OF FAIR EYES!><