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  1. Key of Valor

    The Mysterious Figure: "Premonition Spirit" Theory

    This is my theory of who the Mysterious Figure is and how he appears in BBS. To begin, I would like to point out just a few of the Mysterious Figure's obvious features and abilities. The Mysterious Figure is a very deft fighter and skilled with his weapons, which curiously appear to be very...
  2. Key of Valor

    How Maleficent and Pete are in Coded

    I haven't really been keeping up with the Coded information much, but I've seen the pictures on the website and scans that feature Pete and Maleficent having an active role in the story. If Coded hasn't already revealed how they are able to show up in the game, then I have my own theory of how...
  3. Key of Valor

    State of Sleep: Roxas' Days

    WARNING. SPOILERS FROM KH'DAYS AND MANY OTHER KH INSTALLMENTS WILL BE FOUND IN THIS THREAD. READ AT OWN RISK. Anyways, this theory is essentially an addition to a previous theory of mine called "State of Sleep: Terra and Ven". However, since I have only recently completed KH'Days, this theory...
  4. Key of Valor

    Unversed: Empty Hearts

    Unversed: Empty Hearts. The Unversed are mysterious creatures featured in BBS. There are many questions about them. How do they exist? What are they made of? What are they after? How were they created? And how did they seemingly disappear? These are my thoughts on the mysteries of the...
  5. Key of Valor

    State of Sleep: Terra and Ven/2

    Last time I posted this theory, it was closed because it was too long… So this time I cut some stuff out (still pretty long, even though it's about 20% shorter). For the original version of this theory, check out the link below...
  6. Key of Valor

    State of Sleep: Terra and Ven

    NOTE: This theory outlines possibilities, nothing more. Anything I say, I state as just a possibility. State of Sleep: Terra and Ven Heartless and Nobody Two very different beings, opposite in many aspects, But one thing they have in common is that both beings can’t feel… Or at...
  7. Key of Valor

    Keyblade Hand-off Theory: Roxas' Keyblades

    This is an old theory of mine that focuses on Roxas' Keyblades and how they might have played different roles throughout the story. Thus far in KH'Days, we have only seen Roxas with one Keyblade and Xion with one Keyblade. When Roxas was captured though at Memory Skyscraper, he possessed both...
  8. Key of Valor

    Namine Composition Theory

    Below are three theoretical concepts of mine. The first one provides a detailed explanation of the relation of the heart and vessel and how that enables Nobodies to retain memories. The second one explores the process of Sora returning to original form. The last one builds on the first two...
  9. Key of Valor

    Xion's Purpose Theory

    Xemnas: Seems it’ll still take some time for Xion to get closer to her original purpose 'I can't remember, something important' When Roxas first joined the Organization, he had little or no memories related to Sora. He interestingly enough did not even remember how it was like to have a...
  10. Key of Valor

    Issue With A Member

    (I guess this is the right spot to express my concerns) A certain member who shall remain nameless is treating me like some kind of fool just because I have different views on a certain subject. Multiple times I have expressed my respect for his/her views even though I have stated that I...
  11. Key of Valor

    The State of Sleep: Apprentice Xehanort

    This theory is primarily about the word 'sleep', what it means to be in sleep, and how the state of sleep may involve Terra/Xehanort. Below is text from the beginning of CoM,R/R. The theory that follows involves much of this text so it is here for the reader to refer to. The Beginning...
  12. Key of Valor

    Dark Soldier: Heart Projection Theory

    Heart Projection Theory I’m a new member here and I just thought I’d post a theory of mine I’ve had for a while. So here it is. To spare those who don’t like to read, there will be a summary at the bottom. It's kind of small and vague though, so I recommend reading the whole theory before...