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  1. Xbladewielder

    Neku Sakuraba TWEWY drawing :)

    This is my drawing of Neku Sakuraba from TWEWY! Like it? Sorry the pic of the pic isn't that good:(
  2. Xbladewielder

    Happy New Year KHI!

    Happy new year to all in KHI! It's finally 2013! ( Pulls party popper and cheers while confetti pops out)
  3. Xbladewielder

    Kingdom Hearts Character?

    Who is your favorite character in kingdom hearts? Why is he/she your favorite?
  4. Xbladewielder

    Plot theme and gameplay of KH3

    What do you think the title of the next KH will be? What do u think the plot is? I think first either sora or riku(maybe both) will be sent to go find aqua and Ventus. They'll probably try to find terra too, but isn't terra already gone? They will probably find some way to rescue him in the end...