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  1. Aelic

    Discord Chat

    I was wondering, with the rise of Discord chats would it be easier if I made one for chats associated to the forum or KH in general? That way the entire chat area would be streamlined. Also, Discord chats are super fun to mess around with and easily organized. Not only that, but discord provides...
  2. Aelic

    Everything RP

    Do what you want. This is an rp for everything. Make it fun and make it interesting.
  3. Aelic

    The Physical Incarnation of Evil Incarnated?

    Suh Dudes! The Name's Aelic, a total KH nerd! I honestly prefer the original, though I do branch out to the others. I'm secretly dying inside because I'm waiting for KH3. I hope I can join! Keep Calm and Become a Heartless!