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    Ghost In The Shell

    Did anyone watch it? I did and it was great ^_^...people gettin shot = XD to me.
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    Paranoia Agent

    This is one of the weirdest animes i ever saw...but it was good. That kid with the bat was weird. And i though i was going mad when i saw the stuffed animal talking.
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    Samuri Champloo

    This is a great Anime...i love it so far, swords are KEWL!!! And its funny. Give ur opinions here on this Anime that has potential to be a great series. :D
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    KH2...a Co-Op game?

    I doubt that happens, but it would be cool and more easier to play with a friend. Like Player 1 can be Sora and Player 2 be another character in the party(his/her choice).
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    Crazy Stuff

    I was just on another forum called pojo right. And a bunch of stupid people register on the site just to spam the Hell out of it. Its like 10 people doing it. It was crazy. The MODS there are doing there best to clean it up. So thats why I logged off so they can do there thing and BAN those...
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    Who has watched Hellsing. It is a really good anime. Although its only 13 episodes long. It's still good. :cool:
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    If you were a Keyblade master and you only had to choose 6 keyblades to have, 1 being Kingdom Key. What would the other 5 be? For me it would be 1.LIONHEART 2.ULTIMA WEAPON 3.OATHKEEPER 4.PUMPKINHEAD 5.OBLIVION 6.KINGDOM KEY :cool:
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    A question for anyone who has played KH: Final Mix

    Was it the Enigmatic man who fought Sora in Final Mix? :cool:
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    Halo 2

    This is anyone who loves Halo2 just like i do. :cool:
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    Hi im ordyh and im happy to be on this forum about the greatest action/rpg of all time KINGDOM HEARTS.anime and video games are my hobbies. Also how do you get an avatar i seem not to have the option. :cool: