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    Does anybody know where I can download the complete video of 'Passion' in wmv format. Its just this format works better for me. So if anyone knows leave a link. Thanx!!
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    Happy birthday!!

    i don't know if many of u know but nomura's birthday was October, the 8th. He's now 35!! i just posted this to wish him happy birthday, and to wish him many birthdays more. Hope u continue creating outstanding games (and will u hurry with KH2) just jk.
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    new pics

    http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/6453/ursula2021gt.jpg Ok ppl new pics, for some of u they may not be new since it's pretty much the same pics from the resent ones...but slightly diff. anyways here they r.
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    What do u think about Atlantica's return?

    how many of u like the idea that Atlantica is back? just wondering! As for me perhaps it has been improved, and won't be that bad after all.
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    regarding AC news

    i was reading a report about AC release date, according to the report AC has been delayed, to a november release, (which means even so there's a delay AC will be coming this year, meaning that we won't have to wait long till it comes out) ......furthermore; it also talks about the ff7...
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    interesting interview

    i was reading an interesting interview by nomura. it talked of AC, and also other topics, including KH2, and perhaps we won't have to wait long before if comes out. here's a link to the web site if u want to read the rest. http://forums.adventchildren.net/showthread.php?p=1718405#post1718405
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    BHK connection to sora's?

    Quote: Q: During this game, Twilight Town is presented as being: "A town built out of the memories of Sora's otehr side." A: Yes. But, let's just say it's not a town that is in SOra's own memories. It's not that Sora has any memory of that town but... hmmmm... there is a link. It is a very...
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    incomplete being...

    is sora incomplete?? i was thinking about the fussion of sora with goofy and donald, and thought that perhaps we haven't payed much attention to that. what if BHK is not the one incomplete...what if is sora instead. i mean BHK seems to wield 2 keyblades without fussing...sora could be...
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    theme song passion

    if you check Hikki's web site, you can see it links you to KH2 site, but when you traslated to english the info for KH2 (theme song passion) disapears, so can anyone translate what it says, i would really appreciated it.http://www.toshiba-emi.co.jp/hikki/news/index_j.htm
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    is riku with the org.

    i just thought of something that it never occur to me before, what if riku is with the org...remember the scan where the unknown attacks sora (in the DD world) and the nobodies/dusk just seat there as if they were control, or commanded not to move...what if riku (if that's really riku in the...
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    new scans..... http://49uper.com:8080/html/img-s/73025.jpg http://49uper.com:8080/html/img-s/73026.jpg
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    new FFAC screen shots

    for those that love ff-7, i found new screen shots of FFAC. hope you like them. http://ff7ac.hotcafe.to/rs/report-news050817.html also don't forget to check out the video. http://down.videogamerx.net/news/20050817/ff7ac_cm.wmv
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    new info

    new info http://www.kh2.co.uk/ what could this mean?
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    KAy! these some of the things that i'm not clear about, so if someone is willing to cleared up for me that would be great. 1. a shell is not a nobody. diz is not a NB, but a shell ( the simple fact that he wants to destroy them and also becase, he ask namine, what exactly are the nobody, but...
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    i mayed get flamed for this, but please, don't be to harsh.I think that Diz is infact ansem: 1. About ansem becoming a heartless after he cast away his body, it's incorrect information (read ansem's report), i think that he mayed had become a nobody, since he could travel from world to world...
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    Does sora really.......

    i have an important question that needs to be answer. Here it goes, i heard that sora dies in KH2, is it true? i read this rumor in a Eouropean web site, so please will someone answer my question.:confused: