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  1. bagcifreak

    The games difficulty

    So I got the game on Saturday and have played like 12 hours I think and have visited and finished 4 worlds. The game so far is incredibly easy to me. I'm playing on Standard. The only KH game I ever played on proud was 0.2 because even on standard I often had a very difficult time with some...
  2. bagcifreak

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Complete Leak Summary

    Visitable World List by order: Cutscenes-Only World List: Summons (so far): Attraction Flows (so far): Keyblades (so far): Forms (so far): Main Menu Selection: Sora’s Abilities (so far): Magic Skills: Item List (so far): Gumi Phone Menu Selection: Moogle Shop Menu...
  3. bagcifreak

    KH3 Summary - Worlds, Summons, Keyblades, etc.

    Decided to open a Thread to summarize all the important things we know so far as I feel like many people lost the overview. Disney Worlds: Toy Box - “Toy Story” Monstropolis - “Monsters Inc.” Arendelle - “Frozen” The Caribbean - “Pirates of the Caribbean” San Fransokyo -...
  4. bagcifreak

    KH3 PS4 & PS4 Pro out in the US!!!!

    Get ur preorders asap!!! https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/12/14/limited-edition-kingdom-hearts-iii-ps4-pro-bundle-launches-january-29/ edit: nvm it's just the Pro but still hehe
  5. bagcifreak

    When will Union X end?

    Kind of a dumb question but when will SE stop with the game? Is it confirmed that there will only be one more world in it? Or is there a possibility of a second new Disney world afterwards? Mobiles games are dumb and I hope whatever new (mobile) game comes after this won't be as annoying to...
  6. bagcifreak

    Viewing files from a PS2 Game/Disc, how?

    I was wondering if it's possible to Import files (jpg, png, mp3, videos, etc.) from PS2 games? I know that when I put a PC game in my iMac it will show me all kind of files that were used in the game. However that's not the case with console game discs so I was wondering if anyone on here...
  7. bagcifreak

    KHIII demo at Sweet Suite '18

    When scrolling through Instagram a few minutes ago I just came across the list of brands that will be shown off at this years Toy Insider's Sweet Suite on July 11th. It's basically a Mini Toy Fair where companies usually show off their new toys. I'm really surprised to see Kingdom Hearts 3 on...
  8. bagcifreak

    Thq is going to re-release old Nickelodeon videogames

    Kinda surprised this hasn't been touched upon here... but THQ recently announced that they're going to re-release some of their old Nickelodeon videogames for current generation consoles. They even provided a list: At first I was a little confused cause I couldn't remember some of those shows...
  9. bagcifreak

    (Possibly) no release date at E3

    Dualshockers just confirmed that SE never mentioned a release date reveal at D23. I mean it's still possible it's just that they never talked about it there. Maybe they reveal it even earlier... or later hehe.
  10. bagcifreak

    Should SE make a console version of Unchained X/Union X?

    Lately I've been wondering what Square is gonna do once Union X is finished. The game's story is so essential and important to the whole franchise... so leaving it as "just a mobile game" would be a dumb choice imo. I mean yeah we got the movie in 2.8 but that doesn't really help. If I remember...