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  1. HakaishinChampa

    When KH3 news or another Demo may happen - Crack Theory

    I saw this picture on twitter: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DhdQkM-UwAA1jva.jpg It's from the Anime Expo Demo Notice how the calendar matches July 2018 exactly. Friday the 20th is circled, that's during San Diego Comic Con, I believe so what if we get news there? This is basically a theory...
  2. HakaishinChampa

    Ultimate Credit Scenes Speculation

    You're playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and watching the credits and after awhile scenes start showing up on the left side of the screen showing the various Main Characters and Characters of certain worlds. Eleven years later you play Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and notice that there really isn't any scenes...
  3. HakaishinChampa

    Your reaction if the Holy Quadrilogy of Mini Games returns

    You play Kingdom Hearts III and notice that Fruitball, Ice Cream Beat, Rumble Racing and Command Boards return. Command Boards and Fruitball, I'm fine with - I thought they were pretty fun mini games. Ice Cream Beat can be fun but it can get pretty frustrating. Rumble Racing I would be okay...
  4. HakaishinChampa

    Ice Cream Beat Exploit

    I found an Exploit for Ice Cream Beat: Pause a few times quickly before the song starts when the numbers start appearing on the screen. After the first Demonstration of the first part of the song when a ring is about to appear: Pause one more time and wait for a few seconds and then unpause...
  5. HakaishinChampa

    Getting a bonus in KHIII for playing the other games?

    for playing KH1.5+2.5 and 2.8? Would you like this? Getting a Megalixer or Munny or something at the start of the game?
  6. HakaishinChampa

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Development Leak

    Jose Alamo who is a really reliable source (leaked somethings who turned out to be right) his twitter: https://twitter.com/jose_strife?lang=en He says the following things: "And it seems that Nomura continues in its thirteen (never better, badumtss) of not advancing with the development of...
  7. HakaishinChampa

    What happened to this "Cable Town"?

    This "Cable Town" was shown at the 2.5 Launch Event a couple years ago but we've seen no screenshots or footage of this "town".
  8. HakaishinChampa

    (DDDHD) Are we getting Nightmare versions of the new Dream Eaters?

    I was just wondering if Square will make Nightmare versions of the Elephant and the Penguin Dream Eaters...
  9. HakaishinChampa

    How would you react to...

    the 1000 Heartless battle having the two Behemoths and some Wyverns? Like in the Kingdom Hearts 2 - E3 Trailer?