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    What Did You Use?

    What did you use to play your import game?
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    Action Replay Max and Codebreaker?

    I heard that you can play the import threw these items, is this true?
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    English Games Sold In The Phillipines!!?

    is this true or did someone abuse the law? I heard it going around every KH2 forum!:confused:
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    Menu Translations

    Just need the magic list in order and the gameplay menu translated! Would be greatly appreciated!:)
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    Jump Super Stars Help?

    First off JSS is a collaboration between Jump magazine and Nintendo of Japan to bring characters from Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and other Jump manga properties to the Nintendo DS in a one-on-one fighting game. All-in-all, Jump Superstars features more than 150 characters from 27 different...
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    Luxord = Enigmatic Man?

    Yet another thread dealing with the EM. But i think that Luxord is the EM, because of his posture equaling the EM's sorta, And that rumor flying around saying he's the superior to the organization and regards saying that the EM was the superior so 2 and 2 make one? Now dont flame me on this one...
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    Neverland Phantom Old Disney Character!?

    I downloaded this movie that was banned from disney. Its called haunted house and is probably one of the first mickey mouse cartoons made, it stars the old mickey. Anyways its raining and mickey goes inside this haunted house, theres ghost and skeletons chasing him, then all the sudden this...
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    Tron: To Be or Not To Be

    I think this would be an acceptional world in the KH trilogy. They have a villian, they have there own costumes, they have ROMANCE~~! And the story would be..... not the best but it would do. Heres how i think it would go. " Sora and co's. gummi ship get forced onto a planet with lots of...
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    Flash Movie Making Software?

    Hi, Im trying to find good software to make flash movies with. I was wondering if any of you could help me with this problem!?:)
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    Oficial 80's - 90's TV Thread

    Read what it says! and now im gonna give some info on tv then! Thought we needed this. A thread that has a master list of the cartoons many of us are here to remember. So, I'm making one. Names, and a brief description for them. I'll probably miss things, as I'm going based off of my intro...
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    i noticed sumtin in hollow bastion!

    When Sora and co. are fighting all those heartless, that big drench there in used to be the rising falls is it not!?
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    Let's Play TV: Kamehameha!

    Are you guys tired of playing the old DragonBall Z games? What if I told you there is a whole new way of playing as your favorite character. Putting you in their shoes and being able to fire blasts out of your own hands? Okay here's something new and...slightly strange. A new Dragonball Z game...
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    Willy Wonka Ruined!

    I love the first movie! It one of my all time favorite movies. But then Tim Burton had to come along and make a sequel! Bad choice indeed:(. This is the guy that made Nightmare Before Christmas. Love that movie. But him making a willy wonka sequel NO! And of all people Jonny Depp!!!! Playing...
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    Can Video Games Lead To Murder?

    I've always felt that the issue is that a violent and dangerous mind looks for entertainment that reflects his or her inner urges. Not the reverse. If there aren't violent videogames to play, there will be violent movies to watch. If there aren't violent movies, there are violent books to read...
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    Why Rap Sucks!

    If your a rap hater or rap lover, you should look at this website http://www.angelfire.com/nv/rapsucks1/
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    Bahamut Summon?

    I was reading a code for the code breaker and it had a code called "Bahamut Summon" And i was wondering if anybody has tryed this? To clear this up bahamut is from final fantasy right!?
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    God Of War - ( Major Spoiler's )

    Well i finally beat god mode and accesed 2 secret movies and one of them describes Kratos father, and well Kratos is Zeus's son! And that leads Kratos to kill Zuses for killing the woman that cared for him, his mother. Weird huh! And that gives 2 ideas for - God Of War 2.
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    EM Finally Solved!?

    I posted this on another thread but i wanted to make this seperate, anyways heres proof that the mysterious EM is none other than Axel!
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    Howl's Moving Castle?

    I was looking this up one day and it sounded like a good idea to put in KH2. Its one of disneys newest movies comming june 10th, Its about a young girl who finds herself moving around in this castle with a cursed 90 year-old witch and a demon wizard who use magic and other fight evil. It sound...
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    World Your Hoping For!

    I would love to see The Sword In The Stone The Black Cauldron Incredibles Ducktales: The Movie Tron The Rescuers Atlantis: The Movie What would you like to see in KH2? And whats Tron about anyway!?