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  1. Echoecho6

    Do Hayner and Ollette have different VA's or is that just me?

    I am really sad that they couldn't just stick to the same people. I know Justin Cowden would have been more than thrilled to voice him again. Maybe his voice just changed?
  2. Echoecho6

    What Xemnas said about members being inadequate still makes sense!

    I was rewatching the scene and realized something. The exact quote he said is "However, through weakness of body, weakness of will, or weakness of trust. Most of the original members we had chosen for the Organization were inadequate." "Most of the original members chosen" So many people were...
  3. Echoecho6

    So Lea and Kairi are in Twilight Town

    I have not really seen anyone else realize this yet.. With Scrooge being in Twilight Town, and the new phone thing implying we wont go to Radiant Garden, this all just makes sense. Merlin is most likely in Twilight Town now too, which is how we access 100 Acre Woods, and which is why the scene...
  4. Echoecho6

    Where are Young Xehanort and Sora in the final battle trailer?

    The only time we ever saw those two interact was in Toy Box, but this is different and I can't tell where it is. I just notice a road. Could they be in TWTNW?
  5. Echoecho6

    Which seekers will make it to the next saga? Are any worth saving?

    First of all, Xehanort himself... Regarding the new opening showing his different colored eyes, it is possible they may try to find a way to redeem him. It is the end of his saga but maybe not the end of him entirely? Eh I still doubt it and think he is going to be gone forever, but you never...
  6. Echoecho6

    How much of the worlds have we seen? (Is this quote true?)

    I saw somewhere that based on the Toy Box demo, we have only seen 30% of this world. Who exactly said that and how accurate would you say that is? I feel like I have seen 90% of that world combining the demo plus all the trailer footage. I was still always under the impression that the flying...
  7. Echoecho6

    If there was a "man behind the man", who is most likely?

    By this I mean someone who is using Xehanort and is the true mastermind and final boss. I want to start off by saying, YES I KNOW, nobody wants this to happen. If you do want this feel free to announce it, but I think we are all aware that the majority would hate this, so I would rather not get...
  8. Echoecho6

    Regarding the Nobodies shown so far....

    In the battle of 193397593875 enemies you can see Dusks as well as the scythe Marluxia nobodies. It is kind of strange that they are using the scythe ones considering they are the only ones we have really seen. (Forgot we have seen Gamblers) With knowing that Demyx, Larxene, Vexen, Xigbar, and...
  9. Echoecho6

    The lack of Saix

    Does anyone else find it suspicious that Saix is the only member who never gets a scene. We saw his back in one trailer and that's it. We havn't heard his voice, we havn't seen his face. I wonder if its because he plays a role that is too spoilery. Maybe Lea saves him early in the game which is...
  10. Echoecho6

    Preordering KH3

    I have been waiting to preorder it because I felt like eventually there will be a preorder here that gives some really good stuff other than a pin and was wondering if I should continue waiting or if I should just preorder it right now? I just dont want to preorder it and then feel like I missed...
  11. Echoecho6


    Silly topic but why not? Where yall think Pluto is right now? Will we see him with Kairi and Lea like KH2? Will he even appear at all? I hope so, pluto is best dog!!
  12. Echoecho6

    I am glad so many members are nobodies from the previous Organization

    Not just because I want to see more of these characters, but from a gameplay perspective we get to see more nobodies this way. I am interested in seeing Larxene and Vexens nobodies. We have seen Gamblers and Marluxias, and now hopefully dancers, sorcerers, snipers, berserkers, and maybe even...
  13. Echoecho6

    So about these finishers...

    Are we seriously not getting options with these keyblade combos? The same finisher is still being shown in every trailer and every demo. I really don't like it and it is still concerning that we havn't seen anything else.
  14. Echoecho6

    Feelings about Keyblade Graveyard

    You guys can keep telling me it is the fated place and super important and blah blah, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I am a bit disappointed one of the worlds taking up a slot for original worlds is KG... I know TWTNW has no importance really in KH3 but it would have been so much more...
  15. Echoecho6

    Do you think we will see many versions of Pete?

    I know this is a silly as heck question, but I remembered Lion Pete in KH2 and am thinking about it. Pete might go to the Pirates world again, but since SDG now wear clothes to fit in, I wonder how Pete would look. Or Toy, or Monster Pete o_o. Or maybe they just wont have him appear in those...
  16. Echoecho6

    13 seekers, head count and speculation. I don't believe in Aquanort.

    I feel like you guys think all 13 members are confirmed but they really aren't. There are atleast 3 potential open spots left because we cant be certain that by the end of the game Terranort, Aquanort, Xionort, or riku replica will be one of the 13. Terra and Aqua could get saved before the...
  17. Echoecho6

    No more "sharp" looking keyblades

    Something I noticed that actually kinda bothers me is that all these new keyblades are more blunt. I know the Kingdom Key is blunt and I like it that way, but I still enjoy the thinner and sharp design which seems to be missing now. Even Rikus keyblade has been taken out and replaced with a more...
  18. Echoecho6

    Fighting the other titans. All 3 at once?

    In the trailer they showed the other three titans all right there, excluding rock titan because it would seem he is defeated for good after the rock titan boss fight. I am just wondering how this would work at this point. Maybe we still dont even get to fight them and they are just going to show...
  19. Echoecho6

    Aqua being norted may not be what really happens. (Theory)

    After watching the cutscene a bunch of times, and seeing what Nomura said about it in interviews, I realized something. Since he says that its up to us as the player to save her, I have a feeling that the cutscene where Aqua says "you're too late", only happens when you failed the mission. I...
  20. Echoecho6

    You can PRESERVE your transformation/form!!?!?!??!?!?!

    So in one of the descriptions it was said that if you are in the 1st stage transformation, and you swap keyblades, you would be in THAT transformation. That made sense but it looks like that is not exactly the case. Apparently if you are in a transformation and you swap keyblades, you don't swap...