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  1. Hillboy

    Some stuff I made

    Made these a while ago while playing around with a few different techniques and here is my result. Leaving a comment would be much appreciated, I'm still learning Filters Poop Smudging Idk, this was simple and I just kinda threw it together C4D Renders & Blur effects I really...
  2. Hillboy

    Riddle me this DM

    What do you get when you cross... eh, screw it I made this today. It's my first tag, I didn't use any tutorials or anything I was bored and just kinda threw it together. Some feedback would be cool Oops, I had linked a Dropbox version of the tag. Now it's through Imgur
  3. Hillboy


    There really wasn't any place to talk about this new system for the forums. I guess my only question is what is it?/What is it used for?
  4. Hillboy

    Comics ► Stan Lee cancels several upcoming appearances due to "very serious circumstance"

    I'm sharing this with you guys since I know a lot of you are fans of Stan Lee and his very famous characters Stan Lee cancels several upcoming appearances due to "very serious circumstance" - Orlando Comic Books | Examiner.com He had to cancel a bunch of appearances because of a "very serious...
  5. Hillboy

    KH3D's Opening in HD

    Unfortunately with the 3D's visual limitations we weren't able to see KH3D's opening in it's true HD form. Here a a few examples to give you a glimpse of how the opening really looked How would you guys feel if SE were to release the opening on their website or YouTube page so we could...
  6. Hillboy

    My Name Is Silver

    GUESS WHAT GUYS, I'M A PLATINUM MEMBER Yes, that is right everyone. I Hillboy have attained 3,000 posts during my time here on KHI. I don't think there really is much of a point to list all the people that I happen to like and talk to on a daily basis so I won't. Just know that I've had a fun...
  7. Hillboy

    KHI Member Shipping Thread

    You like ship members and stuff
  8. Hillboy

    Is “Call Me Maybe” Turning Our Daughters Into Sluts For Satan?

    Guys, I'm worried Edit: Guess I can't quote the article due to bad words, so here's the link Is "Call Me Maybe" Turning Our Daughters Into Sluts For Satan? • ChristWire
  9. Hillboy

    Gamestop Promotional Stuff

    I visted Gamestop today to pick up Theatrhythmht and Bit Trip and noticed some KH 3D related stuff. They had a cut out A commercial running And the woman asked me to preorder the game. (I even got into an arguement with the guy behind the counter about the importance of BBS and KH3D...
  10. Hillboy

    3D Story Help

    Ok, so I spoiled the begining and ending for KH3D, but I nevered learned what Maleificent was doing in Disney Castle. Could someone explain to me everything that happened with her and the story in the Realm of Light
  11. Hillboy

    Pick One

    Come on, didn't you read the thread title? I don't got all day
  12. Hillboy

    Kingdom Hearts Lore (in almost a minute)

    I've been a follower of this channel for a long time and always asked for a KH version, turns out they decided to do it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Niowixr6Qpc&list=UUCqnN6ApN4VO9uKOpCoDxww&index=1&feature=plcp (Before anyone tries telling me this is the wrong section)
  13. Hillboy

    I play your songs for the next 30- 40 minutes

    Choose any classic rock song and I'll play it for you http://radio.securenetsystems.net/radio_player_large.cfm?stationCallSign=WGWE I'll even mention your name
  14. Hillboy

    YouTube and ending support of old browsers

    So I get on to YouTube at school and there this message on the banner at the top Normally I wouldn't care because Internet Explorer 7 is terrible and I already use Google Chrome, but my school and tons of other people out there our going to be screwed over. Any thoughts on this?
  15. Hillboy

    Uploading Picture Problems

    So when you upload pictures to an album and link the picture nonpremium members can't see it. So if this was a thread about help with a 3DS and I link a picture like this It will do no help to someone who needs the help because they aren't premium. I don't really see the point in uploading...
  16. Hillboy

    How do I delete a post?

    I can close my own threads so I assumed I could delete my own posts, help? Please and thank you! :3
  17. Hillboy

    Fun Fact About Yourself

    (MOAR GAMES) You comment on the fun fact above you, then give your own. Go crazy. I play Baritone Saxophone, but not because I like it because playing in band is easier than Spanish
  18. Hillboy

    Platinum member question

    In the rules it says once you're a Platinum member you can close your own threads, but I am a premium member and I just closed the Black ops 2 thread out of curiosity of my new found ability. 1. Can someone reopen the thread? 2. Am I supposed to be able to do this or is it just outdated rules?
  19. Hillboy


    Well the new Black Ops game will have it's trailer released today. Don't know if anyone would want to talk about it at all. To be honest I'm only gonna get it for zombies, but I'm intrested to see where Treyarch is going to take the series
  20. Hillboy

    Name Three Things About The User Above You

    We needed a new game. Lets get started