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  1. Lumen et ignem

    Reflective Darkness

    Okay, a good amount of time ago I wrote and left a fanfic unfinished titled “The Secret Keyblade Wielders.” I’m still fond of the general idea of that fanfic, so I’m making a remake of it. Bits and pieces may remain the same, but the overall plotline will be more together and there (hopefully)...
  2. Lumen et ignem

    Mystic Falls...

    Okay, so I've been thinking of an idea that would have the basics of Vampire Diaries, but it would really have nothing to do with the plot of the series. For the most part I have the plot wrote out though if anyone has any ideas any are welcome. The key concept of the RP would be a developing...
  3. Lumen et ignem

    Divergent RP

    Okay, I've been thinking of a roleplay that would be based off this series (Divergent by Veronica Roth) and I've got it planned out, I was just wondering who would be interested in this and I also want to see how many would go for what Faction. Quick Summary of the Basics: About a century in...
  4. Lumen et ignem

    CHERUB: Conspiracy Dynamite

    CHERUB: Conspiracy Dynamite - This RP is based off of the ‘CHERUB’ series, but occurs in a time completely different from the books. - Okay, CHERUB has a lot of books out, (Like, fourteen or something) but if you haven’t read any of them, don’t worry, because in this RP I only used the...
  5. Lumen et ignem

    Twilight Strikes Back- A Zelda-based RP (OOC & Discussion)

    Twilight Strikes Back (A Zelda-based Role-play) History: Decades had passed in relative peace. People tended to their own business, going into the small villages for trade and word from messengers. People were content, more than happy to focus on the harvest and pretend the warriors that...
  6. Lumen et ignem

    Some kh pieces

    Been trying something different and figured I'd post it. Really don't like the way the Ventus one turned out but figured I'd post it anyways. Here's the avatars that go with them: Critique welcome.
  7. Lumen et ignem

    Flood Negativity

    Figured I'd go ahead and post a couple Unversed Sigs that I made about an hour ago. I didn't really know what to fill the empty space with so I ended up putting text in one of them. Critique welcome. :) V1 V2 V3
  8. Lumen et ignem

    Rebellion RP

    Rebellion RP Story: In the year 2020 there was a 2nd civil war between the continental US states and the government. The government was trying to control people, they placed chips in babies and did several other things that slowly started changing Americans' lives. Eventually they rebelled...
  9. Lumen et ignem

    The Lost Gateway (A KH fanfic)

    I've been thinking about this for a while and finally decided to do something with it so here it is. Hope you enjoy. Prologue Disgust was clear in his expression, she’d been expecting that, but simply because of what she was, his hate was equally clear. Emptily she broke the hold of his...
  10. Lumen et ignem

    Death Penalty?

    What do you think of the Death Penalty? Do you think it's humane, ect. Personally I don't think it's the best way to do things, and, depending on the crimes, I believe they're getting off easy. A painless injection and they aren't alive whereas if they went to prison they'd have time to feel...
  11. Lumen et ignem

    Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

    I'm surprised no one's said anything about this but here's a link, Oil slick just a few miles from Louisiana coast - CNN.com explaining what happened.
  12. Lumen et ignem

    By-Half Plan Rebellion

    This is a Maximum Ride based rp. You don't really have to read the books for it to make sense but it doesn't hurt. Thirty years after the flock… Storyline: White Coats are trying to fulfill their “By-Half Plan” again by regrouping and making more and more varieties of genetically-warped...
  13. Lumen et ignem

    What character was hardest?

    In any of the main games, which character do people of khi think was the hardest to beat or took the longest?
  14. Lumen et ignem

    In CoM which org member took the longest

    The title basically explains the thread. So which org. member do you think took the longest to beat. Larxnene took me the longest. Sorry if this has been posted before. Checked but it didn't come up.
  15. Lumen et ignem


    So what is a saying, proverb, quote, ect. that you stand by or think is important? I'm not sure if this quote is really an official one but "I'm nothing but a lone wolf, misunderstood and labeled to be dangerous" It's off of Find the famous quotes you need, ThinkExist.com Quotations.
  16. Lumen et ignem

    Lit ► Saddest book

    I've been reading some sad-theme books lately so I was wondering what people say the saddest book they've read is. Recently I finished Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult.
  17. Lumen et ignem

    Shadow Base Pokemon

    Shadow Base Pokemon Plot: People are creating Shadow Pokemon and are trying to control all the regions. Pokemon Snaggers are infiltrating the Shadow Bases and capturing the Shadow Pokemon. However, they have to be careful because the Shadow Pokemon aren't against attacking people. There are...
  18. Lumen et ignem


    My parents are in college and taking Mythology so I was wondering what some legends/myths are that people on khi think are interesting.
  19. Lumen et ignem

    Classic or New?

    What games do you think were better, Classic games like the original Mario, or New games? Personally I like a lot of the classic games more than the recent ones excluding a few series.
  20. Lumen et ignem

    Hunger Games 20 years later

    Hunger Games 20 yrs later... Spoilers of Catching Fire Plot: There aren't any of the same characters alive and it is about twenty years after Catching Fire. (They can still be involved from history but they aren't alive.) Over the past twenty years District 13 has grown to a large population...