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  1. Swordsaint

    Dream Eater FAQ

    Hey there, it's been a while since I've been around here, but I stopped by to share a couple of useful links (imo) with you guys since I know the Dream Eaters are fidgety and the Brady Games guide is kind of lacking. I am dozingdevil on gamefaqs and have started what will hopefully be one of...
  2. Swordsaint

    questions about the end of kh1

    so i replayde kh1 somewhat again. only the last boss though...you know just to hear him say his awesome one liners like "SUBMIT" or "My strength returns!" anyway two things i noticed that i havent heard an explanation for why does he say " They Keyblade alone cannot seal the door to...
  3. Swordsaint

    Game Glitches - post your experiences for epic rage

    So like, as the topic says, post your rage about glitches you're experiencing in this game. I just got mega-gayed by the game. I'm almost 100%. I have EVERYTHING, including avatar bits, dalmatians, trophies, collections, level 1, 1hp...everything you name it, except for 8 score attacks. The 15...
  4. Swordsaint

    99 dalmatians

    currently at 34 dalmatians is there a better to get them than just deleting hotspot encounters, re meeting them and trying the scratch again? this is taking far too long.
  5. Swordsaint

    Xenahort question (spoilers)

  6. Swordsaint

    final mix + Lingering sentiment question

    So I've finally been playing Final Mix +, and alas despite all the useful translations on this game, there is one thing I cannot find. There's a translation of the beginning scene with Lingering Sentiment and after you defeat him, interesting stuff, but what does he say THE SECOND time you go...
  7. Swordsaint

    BBS Australian and European release date!

    The Australian and European release dates of BBS have been confirmed as the 9th of September and the 10th of September respectively. Multiple official stores have confirmed their dates for pre-orders. If it's old I apologise, but I hadn't seen release dates outside the US.
  8. Swordsaint

    an idea revolving around additional content in final mix versions

    i understand a lot of people get irritated about final mix versions having canon content unavailable outside Japan. I had the idea that instead of releasing final mix versions, at the beginning of the next game, if he finds that this 'canon' fight should be played, then he should make us start...
  9. Swordsaint

    (Spoilers) Is it possible?

    Does anyone think it's possible that MX planned everything? I don't know why, but I'm getting this hunch about it. Everything Ansom SoD did, directly influenced Xemnas' plans, and quite frankly helped things progress. Xemnas found Roxas awfully fast. (Notice that it was XEMNAS who found Roxas...
  10. Swordsaint

    Couple of screenshots

    I don't whether it's been touched on yet, and by no means am I saying they're the same person, however, look at this: And: Somewhat similar rooms, and about a second after what's on my screenshot, there's a couple of more things that vaguely resemble Roxas' room. --- Other tidbits: Castle...
  11. Swordsaint

    KH: Final Mix

    Now I realise it's a pretty old game by now and all that usual stuff. But as I don't understand Japanese and would still like to know what happens in all the extra scenes in Final Mix, I have to ask where the best place to watch them subbed is, or at the very least translated scripts.