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    The Zexion Fanclub

    THIS FC IS CLOSED THE NEW ONE IS HERE: http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs/147947-zexion-s-fanclub.html WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ZEXION! WAIT, THIS IS THE ONLY WORLD OF ZEXION ANYWAYS..... My younger sister and I are Zexion lovers. So to show our love for Zexion, I've made a fan club for...
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    Does anyone understand Namine?

    Is it just me or does anyone else not understand Namine? She's so quiet and shy. It kinda makes you wonder more about her. I know a few thing about her like whatever she draws, happens (I think). I know she lived in darkness for so long and is surrounded by nobodies who goes killing...
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    Hey KH Users

    Hello fellow users, my name is Natsumi. I very happy and excited that I joined and about to meet new people. I have many different interests, like I love japanese song, mostly songs by Utada Hikaru. She's my idol. I also love anime and drawing but I'm not very good but i'm getting the hang of...