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  1. kairi1015

    KH HD Remixes!?

    Ok, so I just heard from a Youtube video that I recently watched from #Nintendo3DS stating that there are possibly going to be KH HD Remixes of some of the past games done for the PS3. Is that true or are they just rumors?:confused:
  2. kairi1015

    New Katamari Titles

    So, has anyone seen or tried out the new Katamari games. I've seen Me & My Katamari, and Beautiful Katamari. Also, Namco has released a new Katamari app for iTunes called Katamari Amore'. I've only played We Love Katamari and Katamari Damacy, plus I have the new Katamari Amore' for free, it's...
  3. kairi1015

    He mouthed off a secret.

    b4 da great battle in Hollow Bastion, the trio was about 2 approach the new passageway tht was made by da heartless, when they approach it, a cut scene comes on. There, King Mickey flips on to the scene in his black coat, he tells ther boys 2 go find Riku and Kairi, but Sora didn't wnt 2. As...
  4. kairi1015

    Kingdom Academy

    Since my fanfiction isn't working 2 good, I thought I might do a role play. Here goes, the setting takes place in Destiny Islands, all of the local kids around the town, and aslo frm other worlds have heard of a new school program that is runned at an ancient secret castle located at Hollow...
  5. kairi1015

    Happy B-Day 2 Me!

    Hey evryone, it's gonna b my B-day in about 14 more days, I'm turning 15 on the 16th of April. So, give a birhtday wish 2 me, if u like, just letting u no. Yeah Aries.:thumbup:
  6. kairi1015

    Breaking Hearts and Ninja Arts

    Introducing my story: Breaking Hearts and Ninja Arts Ch.1 Summer Festival Summer seemed to approach as townspeople gatherd to prepare for their Annual Summer Festival. Banners were hung, balloons were blown, and the sweet smell of food arose from the town square by Destiny Island's grand...
  7. kairi1015

    Breaking Hearts and Ninja Arts

    I'm not sure if this is under the right section, but here goes nothing: Introducing my story: Breaking Hearts and Ninja Arts Ch.1 Summer Festival Summer seemed to approach as townspeople gatherd to prepare for their Annual Summer Festival. Banners were hung, balloons were blown, and the...
  8. kairi1015

    What's in ur KH collection?

    My KH collection includes? 1. KH and KH2, of course! My KH2 strategy guide! 2. My KH trading card deck (I have nobody 2 battle wit.:unsure: 3. I include my stuff mickey Mouse into it. 4. Pics of Kh characters, Sora, Roxas, Riku, Kair, Namine', etc... 5. And also my KH manga set, just KH 1, and...
  9. kairi1015

    Do u relate 2 ur fav. character?

    Who's ur fav. character in KH2? Do u relate 2 them, if so why?:thumbup: My fav. is Kairi, Irelate 2 her bcuz we are both sensitive sometimes, and also we are very outgoing. But sometimes i'm a little ditzy. If so, I can hang around my sometimes ditzy boyfriend,Sora. I should have added this...
  10. kairi1015

    Riku instead of Sora.!?

    What do u think if Riku was the main character in KH and KH2. He was the original Keyblade weilder b4 he took the DARKNESS! huh: Ok, that would be great!
  11. kairi1015

    A lil help won't hurt...

    I may need help on some of the cups for The Underdome in KH2. Can anybody b of service?
  12. kairi1015

    Another form of a Plan!

    What would b a good idea for us 2 come closer, not a convention, some thing that won't cost alot, like a little get-together. I just want us 2 come face-2-face. No more of the PMs 4 a while and all of the threads. lets just have an arranged social get together, and NO NOT A CONVENTION. NO...
  13. kairi1015

    Brilliant Idea!

    I was wondering if we can hold a convention 4 KHInsider, I know will need 2 raise money 4 this, but bare with me. We can finally have the cahncxe to come together and see eachother and talk face-to-face rather than send PMS and add threads and post. We can( I mean the KH Staff) can send out...
  14. kairi1015

    The Alliance is still spreading, We r supporters!!!!

    time to continue this alliance 2 help get KHFM+ and all the other new releases out here into the U.S. Come on I need some followers. Sense the other thread was closed I'm making a new one to extend this. Who's with me, and ohh yeah. Where still looking 4 a good name.:thumbup::thumbsup:
  15. kairi1015

    Which character would u b in KH2 and why?

    If u was 2 b any character in Kh2 who would u b and why? PM me or post a reply.:thumbup: I would b Kairi bcuz I like how she is, so sweet and innocent. Plus I like her looks, and her boyfriend. I pretend like I'm her and that Sora is my boyfriend. We sleep together in my bed. I like pretending.
  16. kairi1015

    Last Treasure Chest

    If ur wonderin' where is that last treasure chest is at, I have ur help right here. When I was playing, noticed that I just had one more chest to open. But I couldn't find it. I looked for it in every world, but couldn't find it until I found it in "The World That Never Was". If you look by the...