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  1. Neko

    This day.........

    exactly a year ago was the day I joined KHI, and it`s been awesome ever since. I can`t believe it`s already been a year! Thanks to all my friends on here for making my experience on here so enjoyable! I plan to stay a member on here for many more years to come. =)
  2. Neko

    I`d Like To Introduce Someone...

    My dear sister has joined KHInsider!! Welcome RisingOblivion!
  3. Neko

    My Xion Theory

    Okay, so it seems Xion has no memories of her somebody. What if when Sora was losing his memories in Castle Oblivion, the memories made Xion? The memories had to go somewhere, unless Sora never really lost the memories and they were just buried deep in his heart. I really don`t think Xion is a...
  4. Neko

    Who do you think should be Xion`s NA VA?

    Who do you think would do a good job as Xion`s VA in the NA version of 358/2 Days? Sorry if there has already been a lot of threads about this. I didn`t know if there were.:)
  5. Neko

    358/2 Days, BBS, or Coded

    I`m just curious about which of the KH games people are looking forward to the most!!!:) So give me your opinions!!