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  1. Norpthalomus

    The Biggest Disappointments

    In your opinion, what were the biggest disappointments in this game? (Please use spoilers for the people who haven't finished). For me, it was: Overall I liked the game, but I had so many things that kept it from being great. In terms of the numbered titles, this is my least favorite (and...
  2. Norpthalomus

    Multiple playable characters?

    (If this has been posed already I apologize; I haven't been on the forums in a few months and wasn't sure) Do you think Kingdom Hearts III will have multiple playable character stories, like BBS and DDD? Or do you think that it'll be like the other "numbered" titles and have Sora as the...
  3. Norpthalomus

    The Return of Trinities and Dalmatians

    This has probably been discussed before, but I haven't seen it so I figured I would bring it up. How would you feel about the return of Trinities, much like we had in the original game? Personally, I missed Trinities in KHII a lot, and I wish they would have been included again. I also missed...
  4. Norpthalomus

    Likelihood of KH 2.5 & 1.5 Remix on PS4?

    I don't have a PS3, and I'm holding out for the PS4 when it goes down in price/has games that I want to buy (whichever comes first). I've seen information saying that Sony isn't allowing backwards compatibility with PS3 systems, but that they are going to create some sort of streaming service...
  5. Norpthalomus

    Finding iPhone hard drive on my Mac

    I've tried searching for ways to solve this problem online, but I've found no luck. So I want to transfer my contacts from my iPhone to my Mac, and I know it's really easy to do. However, when I plug my phone into my laptop, the iPhone doesn't appear anywhere like it used to (in Finder or as a...
  6. Norpthalomus

    Best College Advice

    Tomorrow, I start my first day of college classes as a freshman. To those of you who are in college, or have completed college, what is the best advice you've been given, or advice that you can give to me? I'm starting school at the University of Georgia, which has over 36,000 students, so I'll...
  7. Norpthalomus

    Possible Dream Drop Distance in next month's Nintendo Power

    At the end of this month's issue of Nintendo Power (January/February issue), it was foreshadowing the next month's issue. The quote reads, "Next Month: With Xenoblade Chronicles finally coming to North America, we'll take an in-depth look at Nintendo's hotly anticipated role-playing epic. We've...
  8. Norpthalomus

    Looking to start selling games on Ebay, Feedback appreciated

    ** First off, I am not advertising, or trying to sell to any of you. I'm looking for advice on how I should sell these items on Ebay ** I have lots of old DS, GCN, and Wii games that I want to sell online to make some money. I've got about 19 (for sure, possibly a few more) DS games that I...
  9. Norpthalomus

    Public Urination Help...

    Ok, so before I explain what happened, hear me out. I'm not some sort of delinquent who does this sort of thing to be funny or anything. I don't get in trouble very often. I need some advice on an unfortunate situation that happened to me tonight.... I had just come back from my soccer game in...
  10. Norpthalomus

    "???" Boss

    Although I haven't tried many times yet, how did you beat the "???" boss? I was wondering what level you were and what strategy you used to do so. Thanks.
  11. Norpthalomus

    How do you get banned on KHI?

    I've been on the KHI forums for a few years now, and there's still something that's been bothering me. I see people who've been banned all the time, but I always wonder why. The staff on this site are very lenient as far as language and content goes, and you can talk about virtually anything on...
  12. Norpthalomus

    Help removing white space on an image

    I think this is the correct section to post this, but I'm not positive. I'm sorry if it isn't. I was editing an image on Picnic and I used the circle tool (for lack of a better word) to round of the edges. Although I hit the 'Transparent Edges' button, it did not work for whatever reason. If...
  13. Norpthalomus


    As you may or may not be aware, recently, WikiLeaks has been on the news and has been revealing "secret" government information. What do you think the US government is going to do as a result of these leaks? Do you think they'll crackdown on the website, or will they let it continue to exist...
  14. Norpthalomus

    [Terra] Final Bosses & Your opinion on the Game and Plot as a whole

    I'm on the Final Bosses with Terra now! 8D Any tips are welcome, please wish me luck! Also, just a side-note: When first playing this game, I didn't really like it. But towards the end I really started to like the game and the plot. What do you guys think so far of the game/plot, based upon...
  15. Norpthalomus

    Please Help, Wii is Broken with Game inside: Tips Appreciated

    Came home from vacation today to find that my Wii is broken... again. It broke last year or maybe the year before and I sent it to Nintendo and they fixed it for $50. I came home from vacation today, the power went out while we were gone. I had the Wii plugged into a circuit protector and...
  16. Norpthalomus


    Ok, so I remember when the secret movie in Kingdom Hearts II (might have been KH:II Final Mix) came out, and they showed Ven, Terra, and Aqua in their armor. I remember it being 'confirmed' that they were called "The Chasers." What ever happened to that? Or was that just an idea that Nomura had...
  17. Norpthalomus

    New Game on Kingdom Hearts II: Proud Mode, just for fun

    Well, I decided to start a New game on Kingdom Hearts II. I realized that I never played on Proud mode for it, so I decided to do it this time. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts for years, but sadly the first time I ever did Proud Mode was for Days. I'm going to play all of them again on new...
  18. Norpthalomus

    Premium Member Help

    Hello everyone! I became a Premium Member today. I heard that when you become one, you can change the name under my Username Example: "Roknar Premium Member" Is that true? If so, how? Or do I need to become a Platinum Member first? Thanks so much!
  19. Norpthalomus

    Avatar Help please!

    Can someone help me fix my avatar? I used the picture at this link: Original Image And then I edited it with Paint on my computer, then uploaded it here: Image I edited ------------------------------------------ What I want to do is, with the second link, remove the white part of the...
  20. Norpthalomus

    Wii Friend Code Question

    I know for DS Wi-Fi games, you can change your Friend Code by changing the DS that you're using. Is there a way for me to do this on Wii games as well? Thanks for your help.