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  1. AtDuskIThinkofU

    Prayer Thread

    Hi everybody! I wanted to start a prayer thread on the forum! Being a Christian, I believe in the power of prayer and that "some things happen when we pray that don't happen when we don't pray"(quoting my pastor)! This is for anyone who needs prayer for anything! They can post it here and I...
  2. AtDuskIThinkofU

    It's the holiday season!

    Merry Christmas (Eve) everyone!!! Or happy holidays, happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate (sorry I don't know very many:confused:)!! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful December! So what is a tradition that you do during this season and/or what do you celebrate this time of year...
  3. AtDuskIThinkofU

    May the 4th!

    Happy Star Wars Day!!!! May the Fourth be with you and all that junk! So what're your guys planning to do? And what's y'alls favorite movie? I'm probably gonna binge read all the comics i have. And y'all are gonna hate me, but I really loved Rouge One! Can't wait to watch Solo!!!!! How...
  4. AtDuskIThinkofU

    Riku's Nobody?

    So in the KH3 Don't Think Twice song trailer, Riku leaves his broken keyblade in the Realm of Darkness, saying "Might as well leave it here in case the other me needs it." Who's this "other me" he's referring to? Is it possible that he has a nobody that no one was aware of? Didn't he...
  5. AtDuskIThinkofU

    Uplifting Thread! ;)

    Hey guys! So, I figured the world is messed up enough, so let's make it better! Post an encouraging quote, picture, song, etc. All I ask is that it's positive and please no inappropriate or profane things! Thanks!
  6. AtDuskIThinkofU

    I'm an Idiot!

    So yeah! I realized that I never introduced myself and I've been on here for what, 3 weeks? .....Anyways, my name is AtDuskIThinkOfU, or Dusk for short(thanks Howler!). Quick bio: I love Kingdom Hearts(obviously), the sea salt trio is my favorite. And Axel is my favorite character, with...
  7. AtDuskIThinkofU

    Mind Blown!!!!

    So guys. You know how there's an extra large and an extra small. What about an extra medium???????? What would that look like???????????
  8. AtDuskIThinkofU

    Disappointments in Life

    Guys! I just ate dinner, and my family was having hot dogs, but................................THERE WAS NO KETCHUP!!!!!!!TToTT Had to eat my hotdog with just mayo and mustard. :p Any comments or similar experiences?
  9. AtDuskIThinkofU

    Spontaneous Trip!!!

    Hey y'all! So I just took a spontaneous trip to Georgia with my fam to visit friends I haven't seen in over a year! It was so great, and we really got to catch up with each other! Got me thinking it'd be cool to hear about y'all's different spontaneous experiences! So yeah, just give a say...
  10. AtDuskIThinkofU

    Sports ► Olympics 2020 hype

    Hey y'all! In preparation for the Olympics in Japan coming up in 2020, I just wanted to know what your fav sports to watch are! For me, I really enjoy the swimming, volleyball, track, GYMNASTICS, and ping pong when it's intense. Plus a whole bunch of other thing...
  11. AtDuskIThinkofU

    Look what I did!!!

    Guys look! I made a hat! And I put Mickey on it b/c he's a frickin boss! Sorry! I have no idea how to shrink the pic!
  12. AtDuskIThinkofU

    Look what I did!!!

    Guys look! I made a hat! And I put Mickey on it because he's a frickin boss!
  13. AtDuskIThinkofU

    What weapon/ability from any game would you have?

    So basically what the name implies. I would have Reynn and Lann's glove things so I could capture animals like pokeman! XD Also, I'd probably have like flow motion or something.