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  1. ~JD~

    7 year old commits suicide due to bullying.

    Complete news here: 7-year-old's suicide shocks Detroit community | Detroit Free Press | I can not begin to express how sad I am. Bullying is a huge problem and it NEEDS to stop.
  2. ~JD~

    KH Caramelldansen!

    I am attempting to make (a version that isnt fuzzy, unlike all the ones on youtube D=) a KH Caramelldansen video with most of the characters. Right now im starting with the organization, since the pretty much all have the same outfit and i can just copy and paste xP I already have the final...
  3. ~JD~

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts Quotes (Throughout the whole series)

    I couldn't find a thread that dealt with quotes from the whole series strangely enough O.O Anyway.... Heres some of my Favorites: "A scattered dream thats like a faroff memory.. a faroff memory thats like a scattered dream... i want to line the pieces up.. yours & mine." ~ Sora "If you have a...
  4. ~JD~

    KH3: Sora's heart(s)....?

    Sooo i never finished days so dont quote me on this but im just gonna say what i was thinking about last night. Ok, so Roxas, is a nobody, but does indeed have a heart, part of sora's and soon part of ven's correct? So sora has a fractured heart to because it went to roxas... So wouldnt that...
  5. ~JD~

    Forum Idea: Mobile version

    i was just wondering if maybe the admins and other staff of khinsider could add the tapatalk plugin to the forum? It allows viewing the forum in a mobile version in an app that is available for many major phone types, such as: Palm (webOS), Android, windows phones, iphones/ipods, and even...
  6. ~JD~

    Post Your Twitter here!

    This thread is for sharing your twitter to get some more followers and follow some new people. I noticed there wasn't a thread for this.... So share your twitter account here! Jon (ilive12) on Twitter Thats mine ^ Just follow me, mention me (@ilive12), and if you say your from KHI in the mention...
  7. ~JD~

    BBS Opening

    When you first start the geame (or first even turn it on) It shows A Music Video of sorts.... Well here is where you discuss it =P Personally i loved it. I was getting tired of "Sancuary" as the opening for the latest KH games. Simply Clean PlanetB Remix edition ftw! Lol. Plus the graphics look...
  8. ~JD~

    Skip Beat!

    Anybody watch this? I've watched the anime, and at first i thought it was weird but i warmed up to the story and characters :P Too bad a 2nd season was never made.
  9. ~JD~

    KH Anime anyone?

    I was thinking of making a fan anime in flash. But it would be a whole new story, with new characters. Still using KH ideas, weapons, and worlds. Just new some new characters and a new story. I made the start screen today, tomorrow i am going to start drafting designs for the new ideas. I...
  10. ~JD~

    Chapter 6 manga is so intense o.o(358/2 days)

    Anybody read this yet? Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days 6 - Read Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days chapter 6 online. its really good. And i think it just about confirms that Xion is the nobody of Kairi....... Seriously this is my favorite installment of the manga so far ^.^
  11. ~JD~

    I'm back. Hopefully for good this time.

    I was an active-ish member on here a while ago. Made some good threads. Met some new forumers. Didn't go on much though, didnt really have the time. I spent most of my time on my fav forum, but i just quit that forum because it was too child-ish. I should be active on here now. Hopefully i can...
  12. ~JD~

    "What if" Thread. *May contain spoilers*

    This is the thread where you change the story from what did happen, to what if something happened. Like what if xion was the main character. Then you describe what it was like, or ask other questions, and your fellow forumers can respond. So i will start. -------------- What if Xion and Roxas...
  13. ~JD~

    Which KH character do you look like most?

    For me its probably roxas. I could never pull off sora's hair lol, but roxas has the same style. Not exactly same haircolor (mine's more brown, but with blond highlights from summer) but i could pull off roxas' hair easy. but i have brown eyes. Other than that were pretty similar. Not in...
  14. ~JD~

    *spoiler-ish*memories of xion.....?

    I havent finished the game yet, but i looked at some spoilers and know that xion dies and is forgotten. But in 358/2 i just passed a part where namine draws roxas, xion, and axel. Did the drawing dissapear or is this a trace to xion's memories?
  15. ~JD~

    Sora+Kairi<3 and Roxas and Xion :)

    Rate it (my signature) i made it the other day. I think i will go back and change it, because all i really did, was add the renders... and a pretty background lol. Comments too please.
  16. ~JD~

    I havent properly introduced myself :P

    I am an animator, programmer, digital drawer, tradition drawer, and pretty much anything to do with creative arts. I also make comics, and website desighning and (a little) website coding. I love kingdom hearts, i have took part as an admin on a vbulletin forum before, and i have some great...
  17. ~JD~

    *ALMOST EVERY MANGA* Kingdom Hearts Manga Series *ALL ENGLISH*

    KINGDOM HEARTS MANGA SERIES *HUGE COLLECTION*AWESOME*ENGLISH* _________________ KINGDOM HEARTS I ------------ Kingdom Hearts ? *SPECIAL* MangaAbyss Jul 6, 2009 Kingdom Hearts 42 MangaAbyss Jan 22, 2009 Kingdom Hearts 41...
  18. ~JD~

    What type of ds do you have?

    I have the original fat ds. Lol. im fine as long as it lets me play kh 358/2 days (which im suprised it does :P)
  19. ~JD~

    the chat?

    an anyone explain to me how to use it? I clicked it and nothing comes up. Do i need a certain program?