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  1. Random Queen

    People from the band got hurt

    I don't exactly know where to put this but people from the HS I go to got hurt. It started with a tractor trailer having a popped tire then a van hit the tractor trailer and after the 2 buses hit that. 50 people got injured, 2 died. Plz pry for the injured people. These are students I go to...
  2. Random Queen


    Alright, I made a thread on this subject a while back but it got out of hand and I closed it down. I didn't want to remake it until I knew everything was settled down, but I guess I waited a little longer then I should have. There is a good reason. I started a vlog on the 20th and yesterday I...
  3. Random Queen

    PSP games?

    I got a PSP primarily for BBS, but I'm wondering if there are any cool action type games for it.
  4. Random Queen

    Guess who's 17 today?

    I AM :)
  5. Random Queen


    What is up with the censors on swearing as of recently?
  6. Random Queen

    Battle in the Land of Hearts (retry) [Discussion and Sign Ups]

    Yes, I'm redoing BITLOH. I wanted to do a part 2 but couldn't because of school, so right now I promise a possible part 2. I even started a rough draft story. But in the mean time, we are restarting this one. If you were here before and need to get your old template(s) the link is provided here...
  7. Random Queen

    Johnny the Homicidal Maniac?

    Okay I haven't RPed since last summer mostly due to the fact that I had school. So, I was wondering who'd be interested in a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac roleplay. If enough people wish to join, I'll make it. If not, I'll think of something else or look around for roleplays to join.
  8. Random Queen

    (^.^)The Awesome Jhonen Vasquez Fanclub(^.^)

    I did a search and there is no fanclub here for Jhonen Vasquez and his amazing work. Here are some pictures of Jhonen Vasquez himself: His works include Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (or JtHM), Squee, I Feel Sick, and (probably his most popular one) Invader Zim. ^from JtHM ^from Squee...
  9. Random Queen

    It's been a great year and all but.....

    I'm taking a break for awhile. I've been aggrivated with the lack of good threads as of lately. I know Battle in the Land of Hearts part 2 is still needing to be done but I really need this break guys. Everyone in or joining that RP knows my email. We can discuss stuff for part 2 there and I...
  10. Random Queen


    Autism is disability that alot of people in the US and probably all over the world has. Reason I'm starting a topic on this is because more people need to know about it. Sen. Smit and Sen. Rupp in Missouri are trying to get a bill passed for Autistic kids to get the benefits they need. For...
  11. Random Queen

    Battle in the Land of Hearts v.2 OOC/Sign ups reopening

    FOR PEOPLE IN THIS RP AND THE FUTURE PART 2 ONLY! This is my email for if I get grounded again before part 2 or even after part 2 is up: BATTLE in the LAND of HEARTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For the passed ten years, the appearance of both Heartless and...
  12. Random Queen

    School is starting soon

    Okay so instead of sending a massive PM to alot of people I decided to tell all my friends that school starts tomorrow through a foyer thread. There are a couple things though: 1) I might not be on everyday but I'll try to make time. 2) If I do come on everyday it might only be for an hour...
  13. Random Queen

    OMG Then Infinite Complex Fanclub OMG

    Since I heard his last FC was deleted, here's to him! He totally deserves a new fanclub ^^. All of those who like him JOIN NAO! He is awesome! If I'm still missing people on the list then VM me saying I don't have you. Awesome Members Infinite Complex *dur!* Demyx_Forever *Re-Founder*...
  14. Random Queen

    Battle in the Land of Hearts *A Naruto/KH RP v.2* [RP]

    ~Blair~ Blair went to the Altar of Naught to wait for her fellow comrade, Nami. She sat on the floor of the Altar. There was a time when the previous Organization's leader was here. Now Blair sat on the same floor that he stood on. Hm. Wonder what's taking Nami so long. I told her I'd meet her...
  15. Random Queen

    Battle in the Land of Hearts *A Naruto/KH RP v.2* [Sign-ups and Discussion]

    Okay last time it ended up being a mess so credit for the last verson still is DJ, DxL, and myselfs. Dark Heart recreated it. But the people in charge are Dark Heart 2, haseo47, and me (Demyx_Forever). So I hope you enjoy the new verson. Oh and school starts for me on August 12th so I won't on...
  16. Random Queen

    The one and only Dr. Octagonapus fanclub!

    Omg! I was watching some firin meh lazer videos and I had thought "well maybe Dr. Octagonapus should have a fanclub!" So here it is! Here are some videos of the awesome Dr. Octagonapus in action!!!!
  17. Random Queen

    The Amazing Sephy-kun Fanclub

    This FC is for the awesome Sephy-kun. He deserves a fanclub... just for being awesome. Members: Demyx_Forever(founder) roxas001 Ringleader Man khlover7 roxasisamazing
  18. Random Queen

    Sleep issues

    Okay...I never thought I would post a help/support thread but here's my problem: Ever since summer break began here I've been having trouble sleeping. This is an extreme delema because I just started working at my step-dad's shop. Does anyone have any advice to help my little problem? I need...
  19. Random Queen

    .: Demyx Fanclub :.

    Demyx fangirls/boys unite to the awesomeness of The Melodious Nocturne! Some pictures of the awesome no.IX Our Banner =D There's a new rule for this FC now cuz I'm slightly annoyed with newbies joining and I ask if they read the FAQ and they say no. So for now on if a newb...
  20. Random Queen

    Thanksgiving break

    I'm going to Iowa Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I will be on Wednesday morning for little bit. After that I'm either not going to be on or barely on til Saturday. So for my friends try not to pm me those three days. And Endless Reason if you finish making my sig smaller before Saturday, I'll...