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    Hello, I've not been here in a while. I think this is the earliest existence of my internet...

    Presence. God, I was such an annoying little prick back then.. (Posts from 2006 etc.) Geez. Anyone from around my era around? I remember the days of sig and gif shops and deep dive analyzing and waiting for KH2 to come out and such... I'm really shocked this forum is still around. And...
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    Jeez. Not been on here in ages.

    How's it going?
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    Choose Your Fate: Deep Dive What Really Happened Reborn

    Calling all fans of the original, this is the time. This IS the place. This is..... Choose Your Fate: Deep Dive: What Really Happened: Reborn. (You choose the story) Chapter 1: Prologue It's dark. There is a lifeless, limp body in the middle of a black, empty room. He has just wet his pants...
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    Dj Sephiroth.

    Yep. You heard me. With Riku doing a dance. Yup. Wierd, huh?
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    Animal Crossing (Wi-Fi)

    Yeah. Read the title. Post friend codes down yonder.... Mine: 292126707625 Town Name: Sunset Character Name: Dan
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    Import Questions

    Okay, I have some questions about importing: 1. Do I need a US PS2 Memory Card if I'm importing? 2. Are there any disadvantages when playing the game, such as graphics? 3. What is the best site to buy the U.S game that delivers to the U.K? I hope somebody answers my questions. AND DON'T SAY...
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    The S.O.R.A Fanclub

    YEY! I made a fanclub... the Stupidly Organized Rioters And Fangirls Which spells Sora... of course..... I think the word shalt be.... phwoom.
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    New Scan Translations

    The orginal: Translated: Hé with huge Kingdom Hearts II Hands-on rot on shove come announcing without that in advance in our Next Month. Now yes, really attentive readers were informed already (to see p. 48 of OPM2 52, on the top...
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    Anselm was a philosopher who was debating over whether god existed or not. I wonder if this has anything to do with Ansem?
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    /!\The Keyblade Wars what really Happened (You choose what happens)/!\

    For those who do not know, I suspended ddwrh 2, so I am going to start a new story altogether, based on the secret ending (why is this so popular?) (By the way, you still choose what happens) Right..... CHARACTERS: Sora Riku Roxas Mickey Ned}----from previous Shaun}--- fictions Ned is the...
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    -Welcome to the Abyss-

    Me: Hello and welcome to THE ABYSS, the talkshow that talks to the villains! And today with us is Axel! Axel: *silence, muttering noises* Me: So.... where are you from? Axel: *silence* Me: Okay.... who do you think should be the the leader of the organization? Axel: TIMBUCKTWO! Me: 0_o Urm, who...
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    (possible Spoiler)

    Sora has another awakening? See pic.
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    Answers, or just more questions? [NEW TRAILER BRAINSTORM SESH]

    New trailer questions. 1: Why in one scene is Sora in Kh1 clothes? It has something to do with the Sorcerer's apprentice wizard.... Maybe he gets the new clothes from him, as he looks his older self... (Sora) 2: What is DiZ doing with Naminé? Getting revenge on somebody by taking her hostage...
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    DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    Me:Wow. A long time since I updated this. It needs to be, and we need a new thread. So, here it is. The link to the old one is in my sig, kudos muchas gracias. Dan,Ken: *Walk through door* Dan: HEY! YAHOO! We're back. Ken: *sighs, and whacks Dan on head* Yup. It's us. Me: Okay, since I have a...
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    Coincidence, or insperation?

    I just noticed that Jaffar ( from Fire Emblem looks supspiciously like Kite from .hack//. Any comments? (Kite: Notice they both have the same kind of clothes on with two knives....
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    Hey serrah, serrah, what ever we'll be, we'll be... Ouch. Bye bye Zelda as we know it... :(
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    "Connect to Square Ultima."

    Every 3 pages or something on this forum I go on, a box comes up, connect to square ultima or something... lemme get a pic.... Urm, next time it comes up I'll get it you... it's not coming up now...
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    YEY! I'm premium... finally... *claps* Ah, wait, one more post d'oh! ...nevermind, it isn't 1000 posts anymore. ACK! NEVERMIND I'M PREMIUM YEY!
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    If CoM wasn't released, would KH2 be out now?

    Read title, what do you think?
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    Deep Dive-What really happened? (YOU CHOOSE STORY)

    Ok, what happens here is I will start off a story and leave you 3 options to pick from for what happens next, sounds good? Ok, here we go... Chapter 1: Where are you, Where are you now? The rain clashed viscously with the ground. Puddles everywhere. Total darkness. Heartless reigned forever...