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  1. Ashton69

    THEORY: Split Timeline?

    Alright, as you all are much aware of now, I am in fact a damn genius and I was perfectly able to gain insight into the mind of our great man Nomura and saw how the guardian and Tera were one of the same. NOW, with that in mind, I show you THIS. Now, don't freak out. This is NOT a joke. I...
  2. Ashton69

    Will Donald Duck verbally say "Xigbar?" A betting pool.

    Prominent poster Launchpad and I have decided to been a monetary value of $500 on wether or not Donald Duck will say "Xigbar" in an in-game cut scene during the story of Kingdom Hears III. Share your opinions on the matter and feel free to contribute to the pot!
  3. Ashton69

    Significant plot point accidentally shown!?

    In the newest KH3 trailer, all is as expected. But Square Enix of China made a huge mistake... It seems that Pooh will be a significant counter to the darkness of Xehanort and his wild gang. Perhaps, Winnie is Kingdom Hearts!?!
  4. Ashton69

    Vector to the Heavens

  5. Ashton69

    ENGLISH 1.5 + 2.5 suffering from cutscene stutter and other oddities? There seems to be stuttering and weird load times when opening chests. These aren't present in the Japanese version. Another Square Enix blunder?
  6. Ashton69

    So, what got you into the Kingdom Hearts?

    For me, I probably wouldn't have gotten into it until my big sis told me that Lance Bass, my favorite nsync, was a voice in the game. I just had to play it and I was hooked ever since. So, what about yousa guys?
  7. Ashton69

    The Guardian is Terra's personal darkness.

    Alright guys, you've gotta hear me out. Guard first appears when Terra is possessed by Xemnas during Birth By Sleep on PSP. Coincidence, I do not think so. Not to mention that dumb sh$z with Riku in DDD (Double Dippin Dreamers). >Guardian reaches to Riku(Ryan) >"Strength, to protect what...