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  1. VentusVictory

    Strange, but effective way to beat Mystereous Figure

    I finally beat MF last night! I couldn't beat him back in November and took a break until yesterday. I Googled "easy ways to beat MF," but all that most people said was "Thunder Surge," "Don't equip abilities," and "Mash [ ]!" Then I found it. Someone recommended using "Unison Rush" to...
  2. VentusVictory

    SE Customer Support

    I'm not exactly sure where this goes, so I'll give this a shot. I just emailed Square Enix customer support for information about one of their upcoming games, and when I sent the email I got customer # 1000009. Yikes, I hope that's not the number of people that have to be answered before me!
  3. VentusVictory

    The Final Themes!

    The Square Enix KHBBS site yesterday added the remaining three themes for the PSP. They are a blue Aqua one, green Ventus one, and an orange Terra one. The themes look awesome and have the respective wielder's various keyblades as icons. Here's the link: KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep |...
  4. VentusVictory

    My New PSP

    I just got the PSP in the bundle, and I'm still figuring it out. I have a couple of points. -The internet took forever to set up. -Remote Play was dissapointing -The loading for the system was a bit long, but I don't mind this. -The charger is awkward. -My cousin said that my PSP was made of a...
  5. VentusVictory

    Command Board opinions

    I just got BBS, and I've begun playing the command board. I love it. I've had to have played at least five times already. It's a great way to level up weak commands fast so that you can meld them quicker. I also got Ragnarok befor the first world, and many other commands. I've having a lot...
  6. VentusVictory

    Playing BBS on TV

    I'm sorry if this question has already been ask, but I wouldn't know where to look for the answer. I want to play BBS on my television, so that my brothers can watch me while I play and vice versa. I know that you have to have a component cable to hook up to a television, but I'm not sure...
  7. VentusVictory

    How is the Release affecting you?

    With just over a day for some of us to get BBS (just under 2 for me), how excited are you now? I'm doing what I do when when a game is about to come out; I go into a video game withdrawl. I'm finding it hard to play games anymore, because the anticipation is so high. I tried wasting time with...
  8. VentusVictory

    Da Game Plan

    When BBS comes out, many of us will try to squeeze time into playing the game as possible. When will you get it? How long will you play? Will you be able to play? Will you visit the forums? 9/7-BBS Comes out and 1st Day of School 2:30 p.m. Get home from school. Finish homework and...
  9. VentusVictory

    I'm Gonnna Challenge Myself

    How are you going to challenge yourself playing BBS? With a harder difficulty, limits, or things of the sort? I'm going to beat all three in Proud mode first, and use that as my "regular/elite" file that I play multiplayer w/ and beat 100%. I'm going to limit myself by only using character...
  10. VentusVictory

    Coincidence Or Fate: 9/7

    Is it just me, or is 9/7 appearing all over the place now? It seems that every day, I see 9/7, more often than I see any other day. Such as: -A bill being passed in my town -The first day of school :/ -A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse special on Disney Channel (this one's kind of creepy; did they...
  11. VentusVictory

    The Blade That Was Broken

    Back in the times of KH2FM+, the secret ending was a shock to all of us. My favorite part of it was when MX froze Ventus and dropped him off the cliff. If you looked closely, as he was crashing down the mountainside, you could see that his keyblade shattered and fell after him. Fastforward...
  12. VentusVictory

    The Suicide Game

    Okay, here's a fun game I used to play on bus rides, but can be made into a bigger forum game! The Suicide Game is a game where one person drops something, the next person picks it up or is somehow killed by it, then drops something of their own. Here's an example with our BBS friends: ----...
  13. VentusVictory

    Crush a Wish

    Okay, here's a fun game I played on another forum, so let's try to give it a go here. The name of the game is "Crush a Wish" and it's exactly that. Basically, one person makes a wish, and the next poster says some thing like "Wish granted." However, like any old genie, they get to twist the...
  14. VentusVictory

    I want it now, but I'll wait )=

    I have been psyched about BBS and have planned to preorder the bundle and get it the day it comes out. However, one day shipping cost a bit more, and 9/7/10 is my first day of school. On top of that, my "local" Gamestop is a half an hour drive, and I have AP tests on that Wednesday! So instead...
  15. VentusVictory

    Getting a PSP for BBS?

    Now that BBS is coming out on a different system, some people have to buy a PSP. So how much are you spending to play Birth by Sleep, and other games on the PSP? Are you buying a PSP, or are you happily already owning one and laughing at people like me? $227 Gamestop Bundle =Tax and Shipping...
  16. VentusVictory

    Future Battle Systems?

    What kind of battle system do you think they'll using in KH3? The one in days is definitely out, b/c it's mission based and despised by many. Chain of Memories is also out, b/c they're not gonna want cards in the next "Main Game." That leaves BBS' battle system, with Command Decks, and the...