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  1. Exavier

    Kingdom Hearts Summerized on Google Documents Not really anything major. Just a fun read and a refresher for the upcoming release of KH3D. Link contains spoilers.
  2. Exavier

    Who is...

    Who exactly is the person speaking to Sora in the first game? Maybe I missed something but during the tutorial in the very first game a person speaks to Sora: "So much to do, so little time." "Take your time." "Don't be afraid." Etc. Has this person ever been revealed? Is it just Ansem SoD?
  3. Exavier

    Gamestop Bundle Boxart Revealed

    Minor news but news nonetheless. Ad was at my local Gamestop. Sorry for quality, and they're kinda big. Full Ad:: Contents:: Zoom on Bundle Box:: From what it looks like it seems the bundle will include the...