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    Agnosticism and the Major Stupidity of it

    I nowadays read on many a forums people who, at the expense of atheism, convert their beliefs to agnosticism because they find atheism to be illogical. As it also turns out, most of these people have no shit-idea as to what the hell agnosticism is anyway. Agnosticism is not the belief that one...
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    Best Video Game Music?

    Indeed, friends, my obsession of VGM is falling over the Debate forum. Children, I want you to the debate on what you believe is the best music you've heard in a game. For me, well... Final Fantasy VI has some amazing music. Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross... Shenmue... The Legend of...
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    Greatest Games Ever Made List, Opinions Please!

    So, me and some friends did some research, and it gave us these 181 games, with the best in the bottom: Pitfall River City Ransom Tekken 5 Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss MVP Baseball 2005 Phantasy Star II BattleToads WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos F-Zero Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem...
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    So I sat there and I was thinking...

    ... Why not a Final Fantasy rumble for the Square-Enix section? It could be fun. But what I need is advice from you, fellow members. What sort of rumble? Main characters? Music? The whole games? I want to hear some opinions before we start, dear ones. Start the talking.
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    The Greatest Invention

    So the thread name sort of gave away everything. Anyway. So, little ones, debate on what you believe is the greatest invention ever invented. And please, some... reasonable opinions. S'all I ask for. Lets debate.
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    Orchestral Game Concerts

    Wasn't sure if would go in the music section or game section, but oh well. If it should be in the music section feel free to move the thread. Anyway, anyone heard of them? In my opinion, these are by far the best arranged albums for game music there is. This concert series was an annual event...
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    The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros.?

    I'm just wondering what you think...
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    Have anyone of you...

    ... heard the thing about Hillary Duff doing Naminés voice? I've heard the thing quite much... and I don't hope it's true. Sorry if this has been brought up before.
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    How did...

    ...Showdown of fate end? I got the clip, its just that I cant see the ending. If this kinda thread already exists, sorry.
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    New Drive!

    Over at Ultimania, they said there might be a new drive. Fuse with Herc, and you become yellow DYNAMITE FORM. You dont use the keyblade, youre combos is punches, and attacks like that. If this was already posted, sorry.
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    Some questions...

    Just want to know, have Squall met Mickey Mouse? And was Chip and Dale on the gummi ship all the time they were going? Reply if you want, just wanna know. Oh, and if this was meant to put in another section, tell me.
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    Witch one of the keybladeweilders... you think is the best? I would have to say Mickey Mouse. Hes just so awesome.
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    In the Tarzan jungle...

    Sora looks at those pictures you know. I wonder if thets Hollow Bastion in its real form, not the heartless thingies. I heard someone said it was Twilight Town but it dosent look like it. So can someone help me?
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    I just wondered...

    if enigmatic man could be Riku. Please dont flame me, I just thought about it. When you fight the EM in KH FM it could be him from the future. Is it a posibilidity?
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    Y is...

    BHK such popular? I mean we don`t now anything about him. He just looks good. I think...
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    Organisation voice

    What voices wud you choose for the organization?