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  1. Nelo Angelo

    Stories to Inspire and Encourage

    In this thread you may share beautiful and inspiring stories which can be from fictional and non fictional events, stories pertaining to your culture/religion/beliefs, personal experiences e.t.c that carries a good message and moral for us to learn, help us build a good character, and how to...
  2. Nelo Angelo

    The Secret to Worship

    The Secret to Worship And so this traveller Lost and weary wondering far from home Came at last upon your Caravanserai And where the ocean meets the sea In grief and anguish he did weep ‘‘So long I’ve wondered and yet still I know not what I seek... And yet...
  3. Nelo Angelo

    easy solution to us debt problem?

    In short, it costs money to make money.
  4. Nelo Angelo

    An Outline of the Basic Priniciples of Islam (Islam Q&A Thread)

    I was browsing through this section earlier today and noticed there wasn't really a thread to highlight the teachings of Islam. Brother Jeels did post a link in the pinned thread 'Know Your Religions' but not many will look into it I feel. Its just that I've found not many are aware of its...
  5. Nelo Angelo

    Preservation and Literary Challenge of the Qur’ān

    1432 years...and the challenge has still not been matched.. The following is a great article I feel we all should be aware of and come to a realisation of. I wanted to highlight this here due to a realisation from my discusssion on here in certain topics that there is a common perception that...
  6. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday Paoupu Girl!

    Have a great day PG. I know you already have gotten your stuff lol but I bet today will be great ;-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  7. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday Snow Candy

    Its Snow Cand'ys birthday today. Wish you have a great day Snowflake and may this new year be a brilliant one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D
  8. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday Clone

    Its my mate Clone's birthday today. Happy Birthday man, bet you gonna be out celebrating your 21st aall night loong eh ;D lol. Have a good one man.
  9. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday PowerOfPie

    Its my man Johnny's birthday today. Happy Birthday man, hope its an awesome day ;-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D!
  10. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday SuperNova!

    He is formely known as M.o.N and Relentless Blitz and is now SuperNova :D 12 today ;-) Happy Birthday little bro. Have a great day and I hope you get all them games you wanted ;-)
  11. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday Rixam!

    Its officially her birthday where she is (30th Sep) So Im wishing you a Happy Birthday Rix!! Have a great day and heres some cake!
  12. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday I LUV SQUARE! a.k.a Jen

    Its her birthday on the 8th so I'm wishing her a Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day Jen ;-)
  13. Nelo Angelo

    Vincent Valentine Fanclub

    This is the new club for the legendary Vincent Valentine. He is the true Enigma of Extreme. If you are fan you must join! Members Nelo Angelo Artistry of Schedius (Rox) (club made 4 u ;-) ) Clone Musical Muffin Paoupu Girl Snow Candy Neo Endless Reason Werewolf Nobody Nojerom14 Euphoric...
  14. Nelo Angelo

    Funny Vid (Lee Evans)

    Lee Evans is one hilarious British Comedian. This vid cracked me up, what it would be like if Lee Evans had been in the horror movie Saw 2. Quality is a bit poor bt it will make you laugh, check it out. YouTube - Jigsaw Vs Lee
  15. Nelo Angelo

    ★♥★♥★ Danica Syers Fanclub ★♥★♥★

    This Fanclub is for you Snowflake ;-) Everyone who loves the beautiful Candy Fair must join this club! MEMBERS: * RED INDICATES GONE/INACTIVENESS! PURPLE INDICATES NO LONGER VISITS HERE (THIS FC) List (editted by Seira aka Candy): Nelo Angelo paoupu girl Mari...
  16. Nelo Angelo

    *~* Snow Candy Fanclub *~*|

    This Fanclub is for you Snowflake ;-) Everyone who loves our Snow Candy must join this club! MEMBERS: 1. Nelo Angelo 2. paoupu girl 3. Rixam 4. Skater Nobody 5. Livi 6. Blue Sky 7. M.O.N.-->Relentless Blitz 8. spyells 9. darkkeyblade123-->Solareon 10. Obscured Fire 11. guyfromcrowd-->Pwned...
  17. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday Obscured Fire!

    Happy Birthday Liz! Hope you have a great day today! Happy Birthday! ;-)
  18. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday nojerom14!

    Its her Birthday on the 5th. (since its the 5th here now in England) I wish you a happy birthday Marian! ';-)
  19. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday Frozen Fate!

    Its Eddy's birthday on the 5th, happy birthday man. Hope you have a rockin day ;-)
  20. Nelo Angelo

    Happy Birthday Ultima Star!

    Happy Birthday Karen, hope you have a great day. Happy 17th!