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  1. Seadrin

    More Unreleased KHIII Images

    Thanks to the Official Kingdom Hearts' Twitter account, here are a few brand new images from KHIII! None of these show anything groundbreaking. This appears to be the way in which we meet Remy. Neat! A few new Classic Kingdom Mini-games were shown off! A nice view of Twilight Town we...
  2. Seadrin

    New Kingdom Hearts III Images

    It seems new KHIII images are showing up at different art galleries around Japan. I hadn't seen these discussed or posted anywhere yet, so I thought I'd share them here. I LOVE these. Especially seeing SDG having some fun together. You can check them all out here...
  3. Seadrin

    December 16th (CM Trailer) & December 18th (Final) Countdown & Discussion

    Good evening community! I'm hoping you all are getting ready for a restful end-of-year season. I'm trying not to forget to take a breath & break and enjoy some life! That being said, we're less than a week away from TWO brand new Kingdom Hearts III trailers. What in your mind might be...
  4. Seadrin

    December 10th "New Trailer" - Forecast, Hopes & Predictions

    Hey everyone, What are YOU hoping to see looking forward to this first of many new KHIII PR to be released this month? Less than 24 hours until the new trailer launches!
  5. Seadrin

    Vote for KHIII as Most Anticipated Game at the Gamer's Choice Awards!

    Title is a bit self explanatory! KHIII has been nominated as Most Anticipated Game of 2019. I know it's an easy vote from me as i've been looking forward to the possibility of Kingdom Hearts III since the end credits of KHII back in 2006! If you are in that same boat, show some love for the...
  6. Seadrin

    KHIII Sora Vs. Spyro - Smash Bros. Ultimate Popularity Poll

    Hey everyone, Sora is back up to the vote again in the Smash Bros Ultimate popularity poll on the Smash Bros. Subreddit! You can vote for either here: Previously, Sora won with the most...
  7. Seadrin

    Playstation Lineup Tour - Time and Stream Location

    Hey everyone, As I was looking into the details of when and where the Playstation Lineup Tour is happening, things got a bit confused. I wanted to check with you all and see if anyone has information on A. The location where the stream can be viewed online, and B. Confirm that the stream is...
  8. Seadrin

    Sora in Super Smash Bros. Popularity Poll on Reddit

    For anyone who would enjoy contributing, A poll is currently happening on the Smash Bros. Reddit pitting a wide variety of gaming characters against each other to see who comes out on top. Currently, Sora is through to round 2 of voting and now up against Rayman. It's a pretty close match, so...
  9. Seadrin

    New KHIII Tangled Render and World Title Art

    Hey everyone! My apologies and feel welcomed to end the thread if this has already been brought to light. (I did some searching through the forum and didn't spot anything). It appears as if a new screenshot of Sora posing there in front of Mother Gothel's tower has surfaced! (source linked...
  10. Seadrin


    Hey everyone, Personally, as I’m sure many of you have pondered, I had recently wondered what exactly a remix similar to the PlanetB Remix for "Simple & Clean" for Kingdom Hearts or the more up-beat “Sanctuary" from KHII might sound like under the guise of a 6/8 time signature for the new...
  11. Seadrin

    All Subbed Cutscenes?

    I believe this belongs in this section, Can anyone direct me to a place (If there is one) Where all or most of the KH3D cut scenes are posted? And you guys can remove this when I'm redirected! Thanks!
  12. Seadrin

    The old KH2FM Movie

    Something that I thought was interesting is that Vanitas "comes out of" Master Xehanort. Anyone have a geuss as to why this is?
  13. Seadrin

    The New Trailer

    Towards the end of the Jump Festa 2010 Trailer Where Terra seems to be facing off against Xehanort, Xehanort says to terra "You cant save Ven and Aqua!" and Then later on Answem the Wise starts talking about "The boy who can connect his heart with anyone (Sora)" and how He can open the door to...
  14. Seadrin

    Question about MX

    This information is currently on the Birth by Sleep Wiki Pedia page, and I was wondering if the underlined information is true, and if so how I can confirm it * Master Xehanort (マスター・ゼアノート, Masutā Zeanōto?) Master Xehanort is one of the few Keyblade Masters in existence along with Master...