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  1. Narnianqueen

    Kingdom Hearts Novels

    I knew there were KH manga so I tired to be cheap and look up translations on the Internet but I found out something. I heard that there were novels as well but not in English. Are there really novels or is it just referring to the manga? And if there are novels besides the manga, will they be...
  2. Narnianqueen

    Help with Vexen on re: com!!! Please!!!

    Ok, I've tried to beat Vexen thirty times already. Can some one please help because I'm really really stuck you guys!
  3. Narnianqueen

    Re:Com help with Maleficent.

    Re:Com help with Maleficent. I'm stuck on Hollow Bastion trying to defeat Maleficent. Are there any tricks on how to beat her? Thanks for the help! :). Oh, and I hear that you have to fight Vexen next. Any tricks for him too?
  4. Narnianqueen

    What are shortcuts in menu on Re:Com?

    I don't want to make a mistake so can someone tell me what a shortcut is and how much an advantage it can give me, if there is an advantage?
  5. Narnianqueen

    Re: Chain of Memories help with Captian Hook.

    Re: Chain of Memories help with Captian Hook. I'm playing Com and I've fought Hook 7 times already. Is there any weaknesses for Hook and tips you can give me? Thanks.
  6. Narnianqueen

    Do you remember when you got Kingdom Hearts for the first time? Share your story here.

    I was 7 in 2002. I got it for Christmas that year as well as a PS2. I remember the part after the intro video. I thought it was so cool with the stain-glassed floors and such. It was so magical to me. I remember when the Heartless first came to Destiny Islands and I freaked out because I...
  7. Narnianqueen

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix confusion.

    I'm so confused. The Final Mix doesn't come out till January. Yet...I watched some videos on Youtube that-- well, here they are: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Final Ending Part 1 Subtitled Part 1 YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Final Ending Part 2 Subtitled Part 2...
  8. Narnianqueen

    Question about Final Mix's

    I tried to research this before I asked but came up with nothing. So, I'm asking experienced people. From my research, I found out that the English version had extras that the Japanese version didn't so they made the Final Mix with extras that the English version doesn't have, correct? For a few...