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  1. Zak1403

    [Theory] The Re:Coded & Chi Connection

    So I had this thought a few days ago, but now with the confirmation that the secret ending of 2.5's Re:Coded will link to Chi I find it much more possible. This theory explores the connections between Re:Coded and Chi and how this titles lead to the main story of KHIII. The basis of this...
  2. Zak1403

    Your 10th Anniversary Celebrations

    So what do you guys have planned for tomorrow(Japanese Time)? A full day playing KH? I prsonally am planning to take my home-made Sea-Salt Ice-cream to the nearest clock tower I can find and dream about all the nostalgic moments in Kingdom Hearts so far. I'd like to know what you guys have...
  3. Zak1403

    KH 3D in NintendoGamer UK

    Don't know if this has been posted before but there's an article in the magazine NGaner UK. Not sure if I'm allowed to post the pages but you can find them in the spoilers tag below. Please remove these if it's breaking the rules. Thanks. Sorry for the quality these are off my iPhone.
  4. Zak1403

    [Theory] Ansem's Data + The Influence it will have in DDD

    So I've been thinking about this ever since the TGS trailer was released... In the final moments of the trailer we see a point of view of apprentice Xehanort in the Radient Garden laboratory, many have theorised on what this could mean within Dream Drop Distance, but I think that it's connected...
  5. Zak1403

    BBSV.2 Fan Made trailer ideas, ASAP! + Preview

    Hey guys right now im in the middle of making a BBSV.2 fan made trailer and would like your ideas of what you would like to see in it. I dont want to give to much away but it features ventus awake in the RoA and Aqua flying around in the RoD. It would be great if you can give your ideas ASAP as...
  6. Zak1403

    Final Mix - Secret ending + Secret Episode Help!

    So i finished all three stories on proud mode and am wondering how i unlock the Secret ending (the original BBS one) and the secret episode, i thought all i had to do was finsh the three stories and find all the Xehanort reports which i have done. Please tell me if im missing anything and how to...
  7. Zak1403

    Why Xemnas can’t/won’t use a Keyblade [Extremely long theory]

    There are many reasons why Xemnas can’t/won’t use a Keyblade as well as there being numerous reasons why he could. Each major reason as to can’t/won’t/can/why will be explained and then my personal view last. Throughout this theory you will see the word debatable in brackets meaning this...
  8. Zak1403

    [Spoilers] KH 3D world travel

    So we know that KH3D will revolve around the mark of mastery exam that Yen Sid will hold for Sora and Riku but what method of travel would they use to go to other worlds. As this is an adventure that will be shared by Sora and Riku together I assume that they will serve as each others party...
  9. Zak1403

    Mystery KH game place in the series

    I've just been thinking about how Nomura said the birth by sleep could be represented as KH0, so what could all the other games be represented as? Here's what I think the numbering of the series is and where the mystery KH game should be placed - KH0 - Birth by Sleep/Final mix KH1 - KH/Final...
  10. Zak1403

    Great idea as to who the Myseroius Figure is!

    Okay so we have all had great ideas (some not so great) as to who MF is but this time I think I might be spot on. Now people have said it could be a heartless a nobody, an unversed or even a sediment but what if it is actually a replica? It could be a replica of Xemnas seeing as he uses the...
  11. Zak1403

    (Spoilers) Secret Ending + Master Xehanort

    Okay so during the talk between Yen Sid and Mickey, Yen Sid says that Master Xehanort will be back and may not be alone. I know most people will and most likely have jumped to the conclusion that the person helping MX is the Mysterious Figure, but I believe otherwise. Yen Sid talked about what...
  12. Zak1403

    [Please Read] KH3D and the BBS Secret Boss

    First off I'm new here, so hello everybody! [This has been edited and updated since original post] Okay well I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last two days and I have come up with a plot for KH3D and the identiy of the new secret boss in Birth by Sleep. Mind you there is a small...