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    Any young, silver foxes among us?

    I noticed my first grey hair a couple of weeks ago in my chin. I shaved it thinking it was probably a fluke, and felt it would grow back black (well, dark brown), sometimes there are blips in biology. I was wrong in this case. It's like a silver sliver that persists among dark hairs. Feeling...
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    This console generation

    I haven't purchased a current generation console yet, but from what I've seen from trailers, reviews, and upcoming titles, I am rather disappointed. This is the first time in a console generation that I have not been eager to buy a new console. So far, every high-profiled video game to have been...
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    Trayvon Martin shot dead for looking suspicious

    So basically, everywhere, this story is getting attention, so I thought I'd bring it up here. Trayvon Martin was shot dead on his way home from buying candy. Killer not prosecuted. | Crime and Punishment | Basically, a young black kid (teenager) was killed by this man, George...
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    Newt Gingrich tells Blacks to get off of their asses (Republicans always have good things to say)

    Newt Gingrich: 'I will tell black people to demand paychecks instead of food stamps' Probably the most annoying thing I've read heard all week.
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    Men no longer needed to create sperm

    Men No Longer Needed to Create Sperm Obviously, this isn't super new news, almost a few years old now, but I thought this topic was interesting to bring up once this girl on facebook brought it up a discussion. Anyway, what are your feelings towards this? Personally, I think it's great for...
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    The Realm of Darkness and its Inhabitants

    This is a little theory about why it is known as the forbidden territory and why Ansem and Aqua are effectively stuck there until otherwise… Well technically, the beach Aqua and Ansem have their talk is actually the darkest end of the inbetween realm, basically, it is the border between the...
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    Master Qualification Exam (Role in the future)

    Basically how, if at all, would this test of the heart capable of the Keyblade, should play in the next installment (if it follows Sora's direct story). We know that apprentices of the Keyblade takes this test to determine whether, or not they can become Keyblade Masters. Once they become...
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    Holy-shit-got damn! How spoiled am I?

    Just like the title says. -I know that Vanitas is essentially a black haired Sora (this, a lot of us speculated so I knew this all along). The secret boss has something to do with him. -Master Xehanort's heart takes over Terra's body (like who didn't suspect that? The exact nature behind...
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    Cashiers Cheating themselves...

    Ok, I was just wondering how many people take quick action to cashiers giving you back more money than they should? Today I did my father an errand. I went up to this store and bought him a track card and several other snacks for me and pet food... Well it rang up to about $27.62 and I gave her...
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    The King's Role in BBS?

    Well basically as the title implies. What do you guys think the Mickey is up to in BBS? In KH Mickey was the first one to recognize the threat of darkness affecting the worlds, so he set out to the darkness world to look for a Keyblade that could seal the Door to Darkness from the dark side...
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    Theory Behind Riku and Sora's powers (BBS related)

    We remember Nomura saying that Sora can wield two Keyblades because Roxas can (who has all of the abilities of Sora).When Nomura was prompted to go into further detail, he mentioned that he couldn’t reveal all that yet due to the fact that it’s connected to Xehanort’s memories. The obvious...
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    Kingdom Hearts: The Other Side

    Cancelled it. Didn't like how it went down in the end.
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    Wisdom Teeth (how did you cope?)

    Like OMG! Aren't they the worst? I don't quite remember getting my first one, but I know it's there because I have 15 teeth on my top row. But now I'm getting this damn sucker on my bottom left corner of my mouth and it hurts worse than being kicked in the balls without the pain
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    How Keyblades are Created/How wielders Qualify (Huge Analysis)

    This is my first thread in a long while, and I aim to make a more reasonable approach to how the Keyblades are created. I’ve read many other theories regarding the creation of Keyblades and how those who qualify to wield them, are chosen however, I couldn’t help but feel as though there were...
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    The Mystery behind Xion's existance (Unraveled?)

    I think I've finally discovered what Xion is and how she finally came into creation. I'll state one thing though based off my assumptions. She's a different kind of being, something like a nobody, but not exactly. She's something else. There's a similar type of phenomenom which could have led to...
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    Keyblade Master's Purpose/New Theory/A connection to Coded?

    This is a big theory that I've developed recently that ties Birth By Sleep and Coded together. It all starts with the Keyblade and the Masters, so I'll start it off with the recent information we've recently gathered. From the latest interview, Nomura answers an important question regarding the...
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    Why Master Xehanort is after Ven?

    Anyway, I'm sure you all have talked about and discussed reasons why Master Xehanort has such a liking (need better word) to Ven. But perhaps we need to go a bit more in depth with it, as it may hold connections or keys to Master Xehanort's current status. We also noticed that Terra and Master...
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    Who or What is Master Xehanort (The Purpose)

    Well believe it is time to liven up these threads with a theory. For a while everyone have been puzzled or confused regarding Master Xehanort's presence and what he is and how he is. Well perhaps it is time to shed some new light, or attempt to shed some new light from a theory regarding what...
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    Travels of Riku and Mickey (Major Connections)

    Am I on a role or what? Obviously the main point of Kingdom Hearts Coded is the quote that's left inside Jiminy's Journal, "We must return to free them from their torment". Perhaps those words are major points that connects Riku and Mickey's previous journeys in the realm of darkness. From...
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    The New Enemy, connected to Master Xehanort

    Hmm this new enemy, well technically the new enemy is more like an ancestor to the nobody and heartless, due to the fact that those creatures did not exist back then, so what exactly is this creature that is linked to the enemies that we fought up against in the previous Kingdom Hearts titles...