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  1. CrimsonSquall

    I need HELP with MF!!!

    This is me playing with Terra, someone needs 2 give me some advice!!! YouTube - MF Terra Fail
  2. CrimsonSquall

    Best Place to train Post Final Boss for me (Terra)

    Okay so I finally figured out the fastest and easiest way to train! Skills you will need In Order: 1.Sacrifice 2.Sacrifice 3.Megaflare 4.Megaflare (Only uses 7/8 slots) Abilities Used: All 3 Hp Boosts (Harder to get out of 25% HP with these) EXP Chance (Doubles your XP when HP is Below 25%)...
  3. CrimsonSquall

    Place to train at lvl +40

    Okay so I'm lvl like 45 right now on critical and literally I have nowhere 2 train. Is the best place to train in the Keyblade Graveyard or Mirage Arena? O yea and Im Terra btw and I try and exploit the double xp at 25% hp. Also, I put this in the spoilers b/c I have no idea if talking about...
  4. CrimsonSquall


    In the newest countdown regarding voice acting, I find something slightly offensive. If you skip to the part dealing with Xehanort. The author calls him an old coon! That's offensive!!!