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    RazzyRu's Artwork

    That scary expression with the cute... everything.... is so good.
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    Spirit of Halloween selling Riku and King Mickey costumes, Keyblades, etc.

    Even the kid looks grumpy as Sora. Personally, I think Sora's trousers are always supposed to sit higher than Riku's (even if they look super poofy). I wonder how hard/easy it is to source the types of zippers Nomura draws.
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    RazzyRu's Artwork

    wow nice work! I hope you continue posting! the chibi sephiroth looks so pleased with himself, and I like your timeless river cloud!
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    Kingdom Hearts: A World Without Sky

    Looks good! Kari's windsurf thing is cool. I'm scared to read the text tho because I've only done kh1 and com. Thanks for sharing!
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    Art is Eternaaaaaaal!

    I hope you post more! Your stuff is cool, I really like Gothel nobody design! gl with becoming used to digital colouring!