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  1. SeaSalt

    The Entire Kingdom Hearts Story Condensed into a Rap! "KINGDOM BARS"

    Hey everyone! Been quiet on this forum for a while but I know you guys will like this! This is the most condensed version of the Kingdom Hearts story arch - but it's told in a rap that I wrote and recorded! I hope you enjoy the explanation and flow of the rap...
  2. SeaSalt

    Emotional Roxas Theme Rap Remix - Self Discovery and Fighting Indoctrination

    Hi everyone! I've been on this website for a while but I've never introduced my YouTube persona. I rap about real-life trials, tribulations, ailments, predicaments, and philosophies personified through video game stories. I usually do songs about Pokemon, but today, I made one about Roxas...
  3. SeaSalt

    KH 3D - Level 99

    Hi wow i havent been on here in a while. This is just a short video i thought I'd share of me finally getting around to reaching level99 with both characters from KH 3D Kingdom Hears 3D - Level 99 Riku and Sora - YouTube there should totally be an...
  4. SeaSalt


    what was the real purpose of young xehanort going to the time when destiny islands was destroyed in KH1? Like, i understand that he was able to go there because xehanort's heart was present in the orange cloak at the time of the event, but how does that connect or even relate to bringing all...
  5. SeaSalt


    Hey everybody, its Mat4yo from youtube. I've been making videos on youtube for 5 years now, and i just cant seem to find something that sticks. I used to make pokemon sprites on youtube like these: ( Every Legendary Pokemon Combined - YouTube) Then i started doing music videos like...
  6. SeaSalt

    [SPOILERS] Theory on the gray haired boy

    JF12 thread is completely packed, so there's no where to discuss this.. Okay, so basically everyones wondering who the guy with the gray hair is. They're saying it's Young Master Xehanort. I agree with them..although theres something wrong... This YX is seemingly skinner and thinner than...
  7. SeaSalt

    When did Org XIII begin?

    Im not sure if there was a thread about this or not, but ive been confused about when the nobodies of Org XIII became nobodies. If im not mistaken, nobodies dont age. I've read that Xemnas and such were nobodies for several years. If so, im sure all the apprentices "dipped" at the same time...
  8. SeaSalt

    The "Dream" in DDD

    I've been trying to find out for a while now what "Dream Drop Distance" has anything to do with the new game for the 3Ds.. While rewatching Ven's scenes in theater mode, i noticed Mickey surfing on a book in a whirlpool where he is thrown into the air and suddenly returns to the mysteriouss...
  9. SeaSalt

    Does sora get his looks from ven?

    I remember reading somewhere that sora resembles ven because of their hearts connecting at birth. Can someone clarify the relation of sora and ven for me?
  10. SeaSalt

    What exactly is Xion?

    I know Xion is somewhat of a puppet created that gives Roxas more power with the decrease of her power, but how exactly was she formed? Playing through Days, I felt like I knew as much as Roxas did, so i was as confused as he was. I never really understand the importance of Xion, could someone...