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  1. maryadavies

    Guess who's birthday was yesterday?

    ...Mine. Not so much KH news for that this year, tho we haven't had the real party yet and won't until tomorrow. But thought folks might want to know.
  2. maryadavies

    Spotify adds a bunch more Final Fantasy soundtracks.

    Kotaku article. I can verify this; I've added a bunch to my FF Playlist that I use to block out my sister's rotten playlist shenanigans some mornings. (The Distant Worlds albums were already there.) Bear in mind some of the songs's names on some of these are in Japanese (listen to find the...
  3. maryadavies

    March 7 update is crashing Story Mode.

    Thought I'd send out the alarm bell. Do NOT try to pop any raid boss if you've beaten all the story in the International version right now. It seems it's crashing the'll be sorry. I can verify this on android sadly ><.
  4. maryadavies

    Wait-a-second. I heard you guys said the secret boss...

    ...Sora has to confront HIS DARKNESS (aka that thing) during the Reaper's Game in the next game? Like Data-Sora did in Re:Coded? Might even be the final boss of the next game, if it be KH4 or a "side game". So yeah. I think this kinda fits with the new theme song too.. "Let me face, face my...
  5. maryadavies

    Election Day (US); If you're here go do your civic duty!

    So okay. Today is Election Day in the US; the whole House is up for election and some Senate seats are as well. I voted. :) So if you're in the US, don't just stare at this post; go out and vote! It's how you have a say in government at all. And so you can be informed before you vote: Go here...
  6. maryadavies

    Dragon Quest 11; Anyone playing this besides me?

    This was on my get it list for this year; I preordered it and am not sorry. It's been great so far; this isn't my first Dragon Quest, but it might..just the first one other than Dragon Quest 1 that I actually finished. So! Anyone else playing the first Dragon Quest to come out in...
  7. maryadavies

    A thought on WHY we are getting so many filler missions.

    Knowing now there's going to be new princesses of heart in KH3, it occurred to me while I was doing missions in the International version. Maybe..all this bloody filler..has to do with WHY the princesses shifted. Can't say how yet but we will prolly find out. Give it time guys.
  8. maryadavies

    Film ► Lucas the Spider...Don't be scared!

    My sister got me hooked. If you wanna know, there's been this web animated series called Lucas The Spider. It's done by Joshua Slice, one of the animators involved with Zootopia and Big Hero 6. ^^ I'm going to post the first two vids here outright then link you guys to the channel. PREPARE FOR...
  9. maryadavies

    Anyone have ideas for spotify playlists?

    I was just wondering since I do have a minor problem. Since my brother got my sister this Roku box, she's been playing this stupid playlist every morning and driving me CRAZY. (If I have to hear that Junior Sunday School song one more time, I'm going to want to murder kittens.) I've been...
  10. maryadavies

    Guess who's birthday it is? Again?

    ..Mine. Looks like I had more KH suprises for my birthday. Again. I hope it's a good one; my youngest brother sent me some ebooks I wanted :) Also gowsh. Looks like I've been hanging around here almost 5 years now! Man does time fly. ^^
  11. maryadavies

    #@%^&. Outlet problems. (Power strip w/adapter vs. 2 prong outlet.)

    So okay. I got a power strip to plug in some stuff by my bed. The only problem is it's a two prong. (Sorries, old house.) I'm using a adapter but the trouble is..It keeps getting knocked out. That just happened again. (Makes my alarm clock flash.) I don't want to string cords across my room so...
  12. maryadavies

    Any cooks out there? Trying to find some ideas for a different sort of dinner.

    (Mods, if I messed up and put this in the wrong forum, sorry for the trouble! Go ahead and move it.) So okay. since my mom died, me, one of my brothers (tho he's been cursed lazy lately..) and me have been taking turns cooking. My sister makes some incredible cakes sometimes, but we're talking...
  13. maryadavies

    Chrono Trigger; Time Travel Anyone? Well, without Xehanort..

    I thought I'd start this since something unexpected just happened, guys. I'm happy about this, for now everyone can play one of the greats :). I have the DS version, so I'm not rebuying this on Steam. (It's one of those...
  14. maryadavies

    Cleaning stuff. (We all have to..) Any tips/tricks guys?

    The other day, my brother came in here and complained on how dusty my consoles were. Well, that got me into a cleaning spree. I bought some supplies (including a reusable microfiber duster for the consoles..) and let them have it, and some homemade spray I use and wiped down my controllers. Then...
  15. maryadavies

    Anime/Manga ► Anime Strike is dead. Long live Amazon Prime!

    I just found this out and it's making me grin in case I ever get a chance to get Prime. Anime Strike closed, content rolled into regular Amazon Prime. Now I can't afford Prime right now even if I wanted to (tho if things get better, I may bother since I order so much darn stuff from Amazon)...
  16. maryadavies

    Fun with Firefox Quantum. ARGH!

    Okay. As all the Firefox fans out there know, they came out with Firefox 57 Quantum a few days ago. Unfortunately this broke three of my fav extensions, which were Noscript, Classic Theme Restorer and Add to Search Bar. Luckily two out of the three either have a replacement (Classic Theme...
  17. maryadavies

    The .hack series (Now that the .hack//GNU remake is out)

    I admit to being a newbie with this series. :) So much so, I am delaying buying the remake so I can play teh originals. (I think I said earlier that my brother has the first series of .hack games? And I can borrow them? Good.) Anyway I decided to start from the beginning, since I own a working...
  18. maryadavies

    Total Eclipse over US today.

    Hey! Did anyone realize we're having a solar eclipse today at noon, EST if you're in the US? If you're in America, I hope you have your glasses. (i don't) If you don't have your eclipse glasses or don't live in the us, Ya can still watch it live via streaming; I plan on doing that. So! Anyone...
  19. maryadavies

    Image Hosting sites. Trying to help everyone in this case.

    I noticed that one of our members had the extortion pic from Photobucket recently. Ugh, gross! I'd been using them for years for my sig pics and stuff. Luckily I'd temp moved my stuff for another site, I'm planning on moving to Imgur and BG (BlueGartr has a hosting thing, but I wouldn't...
  20. maryadavies

    It's that time of year again. Guess who's bday it is?

    ...Mine. This time the KH news came early but that's okay. (Last year I got it for my bday.) Thought folks might wanna know. ^^