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  1. Sephiroth0812

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Something received

    I wouldn't even go as far as saying she deliberately "manipulated" but rather hastily tried to throw some wrenches in. Ava's totally shaken and "off" after Luxu explains everything to her and when she confronts the Player afterwards in the war itself. There isn't much time between these two...
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    Who Was The Traitor?

    Ava being the "traitor" does make quite some sense if one recalls that even in earlier discussions about the whole business we always had up the notion that being "the traitor" does not need to necessarily equate to being "evil" or willfully causing chaos. Sometimes people go traitor and may...
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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Do I spot the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels among the massive fleet of the Resistance/New Republic? It's definitely a VCX-100 Freighter, that much is clear. If it is the Ghost, question is if it is still Hera flying it or if her son took over the cockpit.
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Cornerstone of the World's Rebirth

    Thanks. Yea, I had a quite busy year so far. Our company is expanding faster than we can hire additional personnel so everyone has to work somewhat more. I haven't even *gasp* finished KH III yet which is why I also haven't done a review on it. That fits the description pretty good. These block...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Cornerstone of the World's Rebirth

    I remember in the original Browser version of Chi being a mention of original "Seekers of Darkness" who hide among the keykids so maybe these are what the MoM is talking about?
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    The portrayal of darkness throughout the games

    I dunno about that which may be because I actually take a different message from it. When they say "Darkness isn't evil - or totally bad" that extends only so far in meaning as that it isn't the actual root of "evil". It doesn't mean that Darkness is not inherently more dangerous and more...
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    Yep, die Zeit rennt. Dank diverser Verpflichtungen auf der Arbeit und anderem RL KrimsKrams habe...

    Yep, die Zeit rennt. Dank diverser Verpflichtungen auf der Arbeit und anderem RL KrimsKrams habe ich immer noch nicht KH III durch und bisher auch sowohl den Days- als auch den BBS-Roman nicht gelesen. Wie das mit den VMs im neuen Design läuft muss ich auch erst noch verinnerlichen, lol. Union...
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    What did you think of nobodies being able to grow hearts? as well as your opinion on Xemnas's "True" goal being to turn the Org into Xehanorts?

    I took it as the logical conclusion of hints and ambiguity that was already there since Chain of Memories. Days, Re: Coded and even KH 2 always have had ambiguity in this and it was NEVER set in stone that Nobodies always remain completely without a heart, only some characters who believed that...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Source of the Abnormality

    One thing I noticed about the Darklings is that they don't demand Lux anymore, they're just shouting "Y o u a r e d i f f e r e n t " every time they show up. Do they mean Player (whose memories have been altered) by that or are they referring to the state of the worlds? It's also funny that...
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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Bringing Palpatine back fully might derail things something though as not only would it question Anakins sacrifice to finally free the galaxy of this guy it would also pit Rey and her friends against an evil the galaxy has already overcome. Therefore I'll stick with the explanation that he's...
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    New Forum Software

    Quite possible as I'm part of this forum since October 2010, although I did participate as an anonymous reader even before that. Yea, it was initially because of Crisis Core that I had a "thing" for Sephiroth because I liked his pre-madness portrayal as a reasonable and arguably fully decent...
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    My thoughts on the future of RAX and TAV trio.

    When it comes to the BBS crew I have to agree with Veevee. I think it can be more or less safely inferred that in the new saga Ven's past with the Keyblade War, Dandelions and Foretellers will play an important role. This gives opportunities and chances to further develop Ventus as a character...
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    Why don’t sora have dual weilding like roxas?

    Yea, that's exactly my take on it as well. Dual-Wielding is somewhat largely associated with Roxas just like the backhand-wielding is with Ven. Technically Ven already does "dual-wielding" when in his Wingblade Style as he then controls six swords at once, but they're made of light energy...
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    Why don’t sora have dual weilding like roxas?

    The idea of some past mysteries being explored via Terra is certainly one worth thinking about, not only because it could put him center stage for a while but also because it could serve to hit several birds with one stone. Aqua's Keyblade + armor and the Chamber of Repose in Radiant Garden not...
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    Why don’t sora have dual weilding like roxas?

    Roxas definitely activated and first used the ability as it was him who unlocked Ven's Keyblade at the end of Days when Xion perished and by that time his own heart was definitely developed quite far. Since Roxas carried Ven's heart for the whole year he was first an independent entity I won't...
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    New Forum Software

    Yea, it was Ven from the BBS opening, and before that I had the Sephiroth-Mogry made by Sign, for a rather short time a Naminé one and during my first two years I had an actual Sephiroth avatar. Can you manually shrink down pics already embedded in the sig? I remember linking the lower picture...
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    WHAT IF Sora Loses His Heart Again?

    Roxas was a sort of anomaly to begin with because of several different factors playing into his initial birth: 1. Sora retaining his identity even as a Heartless which left Roxas with no memories and thus a blank slate which could develop into its own being. When he finally got some of Sora's...
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    New Forum Software

    It's true I've had the previous one for years, the Ephemer avatar practically ever since Back Cover came out. But with KH III out long enough by now and the spoiler ban being lifted I thought I'd apply something more appropriate to the times. I'm actually pondering if I should remove the lower...
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    Why don’t sora have dual weilding like roxas?

    Because not every ability and fighting style needs to be used by the protagonist. Let Roxas have his dual wielding alone. Sora doesn't need to copy everything available.
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    New Forum Software

    If the old format was in fact so old there wasn't any support anymore it was nigh time to get something new. It'll take a while to get used to the new one, but I'll try out different stuff in due time. Like now with new avatar and editing the signature.