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    Final Fantasy 7: Angel's Child (rewriten)

    Hello everyone! Sorry if I hadn't been writing my story for awhile, the thing is I've been looking over it and realize that it's needed some work (alot of work). So i re-eited and made alot of changes because the first one pretty much....sucked!:thumbdown: So here is the new and improve one! I...
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    Kingdom Hearts: The Never Ending Story-The Second Tale

    I'm reviving this story due to some technical difficulties the sites been having, so...the rules are as followed: This is basically is a sort of fan fiction but the game part of it is that any one can participate and it never ends hence the title. Basically you make up a character (DO not post...
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    Just Wondering....?

    This is post regarding Spyells reporting on the Re: Chain Of Memories. Is it really coming out in North America or is it a rumor? Just wondering that's all
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    Fire vs Fire

    In the element of fire which one do you think will win? Axel or Hades??
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    Tifa vs Lady(Mary)

    Which female do you think will win? Tifa from FF7 or Lady from DMC3? You decide!!!
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    Ronald Mcdonald vs The Burger King

    Which mascot do you think will win???
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    Which Fries Are Better!

    You guys decide on which fries are better Mcdonalds or Burger King?
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    Teen Pregency

    just a post on teen pregency, what are your thoughts and opinions on it and what you can do to help someone who is in this situation
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    Crisis Core?

    Does anybody know when FF7: Crisis Core is coming to the U.S.?
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    FF7: Angel's Child

    This is a story I've been thinking about for a while, it came to me when advent children came out and little by little i've been plotting the story, though i'm still thinking of what to put, i'll try best to make it a great story This story takes place one year after Dirge of Cerberus, it's...
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    Found This

    Gee, i don't know where to put this...but anyways, i found something on photobucket i think it might be the box cover for kh3 but i'm not sure, why don't you guys take a look and see for your selves [/IMG]
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    Did anyone find FFXII boring? I did, i didn't get the plot and the battle system sorta sucked I've give it a 1 out of 5
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    The Last?

    Do you think we've seen the last of Riku, Sora, and Kairi?
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    Is sora gonna be in the next game? i'm just wonder if he is or is not
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    I was playing this game with a friend on my messages and it was fun how we did it so let's play!:thumbsup: The rules are to poke someone you can use anything or anyone there are no limits to what you can do I'll go first Poke, your it
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    Don't get this?

    Does anybody get this RPG profile thing, cause i don't:thumbdown:
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    I Don't See It

    When i play KH2 i don't see sora in roxas, i just don't see the resemblence [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    I Still Don't Get it

    I still don't get how roxas and namine are special nobodies, could some body tell me, I'm confuse:confused:
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    Let make our own

    I know some of you guys can't wait till the next KH game so let make our own Well start off where we've last seen Sora, Riku and kairi.... Kairi: Sora , Riku!!! run up to Sora and Riku Sora:What is it? out of breath Kairi:Look it a bottle with a letter in it Sora:From the King? The three...
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    I saw this on G4 but it was about pirates Ok here it goes If you were hiring a KH character to join your crew what would you ask on the interview? For example: how well are you with a keyblade