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    who is your.....

    whose your favorate keyblade wielder? mine is Riku
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    Post if you agree......

    Does anybody hate people who just LOVE the BHK but don't know hardly any info on him?!?
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    the Micky and DIZ connection

    does anyone recall in CoM when Micky said he felt like he's met DIZ somewhere before, and in KH1 in Ansem's report Ansem stated that he spoke with a King for many hours, does that mean that DIZ is Ansem or DIZ is Ansem's shell?
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    theories about the BHK

    ya know how riku's copy said in kh Chain of Memories he was nothing but a shadow and Namine said she was kiari's shadow do you think that namine is kiari's copy and do you think that the BHK is sora's copy also? that would explain why the BHK can use a keyblade also