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  1. Wintertide

    Help/Support ► Acne

    My cousin has/had severe cystic acne and she literally has tried everything. I have noticed her face looking significantly better and I asked her what she uses. She told me the only thing that has been keeping her face from breaking out on that level is X Out, that more expensive wash by...
  2. Wintertide

    Help/Support ► Sudden anxiety about

    I used to bite stuff when I was younger in elementary to deal with my frequent anxiety in classroom settings. It was like the equivalent of trying to stop biting your nails. Now, I just fidget a lot. Moving my torso side to side or kicking my legs. I do the kicking legs like a child every time I...
  3. Wintertide

    Help/Support ► Sudden anxiety about

    I believe every adult at one time or another has extreme anxiety over the thought of dying and the afterlife. I know I have and still do from time to time. But, like all things, it passes. As a person who has had anxiety for literally the majority of my life and severe panic attacks every day at...
  4. Wintertide


    The only problem with medication like that is it never cures the problem, it only covers it. Once you stop taking the medication your problems may get even worse than it was before. It's also easy to get addicted to it to. I say you find another way to treat your problems without having to take...
  5. Wintertide

    Before Xion Came

    There was never a third person because Roxas and Axel were only a duo and no one else was involved. Roxas knew Xion and invited her to eat ice cream with Axel thus creating the trio. Roxas met Xion fairly early in the game. The was no "before" as Roxas and Xion were created just about the same...
  6. Wintertide

    Punk's Not Dead!

    I haven't seen a thread on Punk before so I thought I'd make one. Let's have a discussion on your favorite Punk bands and why you enjoy it so much or how it has impacted your life etc. etc. Yes, ska is allowed also. Some of my favorite Punk bands are: The Casualties The Exploited Subhumans...
  7. Wintertide

    New 358/2 Days Volume 2 Manga Cover

    So uhhhh...would anyone be willing to scan these?
  8. Wintertide

    spoilers: Re:coded Mugshots

    Xion....dammit I thought there was going to be no more of her.
  9. Wintertide

    Am I the only one who....

    It was great but it was so easy to beat. Sora and Riku made me question their sexuality big time in this one.
  10. Wintertide


    Its on their butt. Maybe Nomura wanted one that didn't have a symbol.
  11. Wintertide

    Help/Support ► School Troubles.

    Pay attention in class, get tutoring, look ahead in the books, do your homework, study your ass off. Middle school is so easy liek for realz. You haven't seen anything yet.
  12. Wintertide

    Why everyone hate this game?

    First off, the missions were repetitive and annoying. Second off, I believe it would have been a much better game if there was no Xion in it.
  13. Wintertide

    Help/Support ► Rude family

    Re: nude family Maybe they were tired of hearing from you. Just kidding. Either you cousin is in huge trouble or your Aunt has mistaken you for someone else.
  14. Wintertide

    Has anyone else noticed......

    They look nothing alike. Get some glasses.
  15. Wintertide

    Sephiroth in BbS

    I have had enough of Sephiroth and how he kicks my ass all the time.
  16. Wintertide

    My Copy of BBS finally came in

    Hey look, one day before my birthday. Play that mofo out.
  17. Wintertide

    Help/Support ► "Just talk to her!"

    Start saying hi often and then from there escalate to an easy and quick conversation. Then you should ask if she wants to hang with you or vice-versa. Get to know the girl.
  18. Wintertide

    Donald and Goofy

    Maybe they forgot or just didn't really care.
  19. Wintertide

    Help/Support ► Okay, so...`

    Sounds like you are bi curious considering you find yourself being interested in men.
  20. Wintertide

    Mysterious Figure.....

    You must have been so happy huh?