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  1. Noivern

    What if Final Fantasy characters hadn't been used as OC stand-in in the early games?

    From our perspective as people who grew up with the games as they are, I obviously wouldn't have liked it, nor do I think the games would have been as sucessful as they were. But within the realm of discussion, I think the games might have been richer overall if that was the end result all...
  2. Noivern

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event held in Tokyo on April 10th

    I'm definitely reading 4 pages of discussion on an event announcement, so I'm just going to comment on the actual news: they're most definitely not going to please us with whatever is being announced, but I hope we get actual content to get the community going until the next game comes out.
  3. Noivern

    News ► Utada's 8th studio album "BAD MODE" to release Jan. 19, features ”Face My Fears”

    I'm completely enamored with this record, it has surpassed Fantome as my favorite Hikki album. The new songs are amazing and the previous singles were all stellar. My ONE complaint is that we still don't have an acoustic version of Face My Fears so I don't have to put up with that horrible...
  4. Noivern

    What to name the next saga of Kingdom Hearts?

    I think it's way too early to come up with those things because we don't really know what the next saga will be about, lol. For all we know, the whole foretellers plot could be dealt with in a smaller com/bbs/days/3d-sized game and just serve as an introduction for the actual plot, as we have...
  5. Noivern

    KH3 did Radiant Garden dirty

    Hey there. I do lurk on the forums from time to time, but there isn't much actual content happening lately to warrant a post, lol. And they probably cannot? The way the whole scene in BBS played out seems to imply that Master Keeper was the one with the ability to terraform Land of Departure...
  6. Noivern

    KH3 did Radiant Garden dirty

    The most obvious reason is probably that Nomura and the rest of the team changed their minds over what they were going to do with the original World from KH1 to KH2 resulting in Hollow Bastion blossoming into the city of light we now know as Radiant Garden. In universe, thought, there's a lot...
  7. Noivern

    DAE not like the direction Nomura has taken with Xigbar?

    I disagree with everything you said, lol. Xigbar was hinted at being bigger than what he seemed since his introduction in KH2, it just took a while for us to get every piece of the story. I loved the twist and it gave much more weight to his character to me. Just being a punchbag didn't sit...
  8. Noivern

    Queen Xion's Keyblade - IN KH3

    I don't think KH1 got as bad as Days, honestly. KH1 is an old game so it's natural that as time passes, stuff is recontextualized and expanded upon. 358/2 Days, however, came out roughly 10 years later when KH had already started the process into becoming the convoluted franchise we know today...
  9. Noivern

    Queen Xion's Keyblade - IN KH3

    And then we got Re:Coded and UX going deep into the whole "Data can be just a form of memories" and "memories are part of someone's heart" so, really, I don't think we can really get any answers that would satisfy us about this because it's pretty clear that whatever concept Nomura was building...
  10. Noivern

    For others who want more Square enix stuff in kh

    Kingdom Hearts is not a Final Fantasy spin off, it's an individual property that just takes from both it and Disney. Treating the franchise as such is just setting yourself off for disappointment. Regardless, if they went ahead to take stuff from other Squênix franchises like they did with 3D...
  11. Noivern

    Sora from Kingdom Hearts announced as a new DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I've been wanting him in forever and I could barely believe it actually happened! My only real complaint here is that Scala Ad Caelum is not among the music choices as it's my absolutely favorite KH track (and second favorite boss music tied with Cannonball from MegaMan Zero). I don't...
  12. Noivern

    Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to Nintendo Switch as Cloud Versions

    This is INCREDIBLY shitty and something I wish people would complain about more actively. I completely understand and even support 3 being released like this, but the 1.5+2.5 coming out on the switch through cloud only when these ports were originally made for the PS3 is just ugly, lol...
  13. Noivern

    Dark Road ► Version 5.0.0 postponed, follow-up info at a later date

    I'm not going to keep guessing why there are people even giving this the benefit of the doubt or anything of the sort. I play quite a few gacha games; Genshin being obvious from my current pfp and signature, but I'm also a longtime player of Granblue Fantasy, Dragalia Lost, Fate/Grand Order...
  14. Noivern

    Dark Road ► Did Dark Road's Ending Get Released?

    They did say it was going to come out in September. But they never specied of which year. no, but really. I don't actually mind the delay, but their communication and lack of news is actual garbage.
  15. Noivern

    what kh lore is essential 2 understand kh?

    I don't think you can actually cut corners when it comes down to presenting KH, lol. There's no "essential" lore because the way the franchise is presented, even Coded is important in the long run. You either present a boiled down version that goes something along the lines of "Anime Islander...
  16. Noivern

    What characters do you think are overrated/underrated in the series?

    I think I understand your point better now, even though I don't agree with it, it's a fair way to see her route. She definitely doesn't need a ultimate villain, but now that I see what you mean I agree that if she got a more defined goal throughout her rote apart from her friends. Maybe have her...
  17. Noivern

    What characters do you think are overrated/underrated in the series?

    What point? Her popularity? Because I never really argued against that (as it's blatantly obvious, specially in KHI. I don't think everyone needs to like her character, that will always boil down to personal opinion.), but you didn't really say anything about her rivalry with Vanitas working...
  18. Noivern

    What characters do you think are overrated/underrated in the series?

    You know, I really disliked Aqua falling into the Realm of Darkness and the whole anti-aqua stuff as it felt really shitty considering how she got through everything else, but your post really made me stop and rethink how her arc went. I still think the overall conclusion was garbage, but I now...
  19. Noivern

    What characters do you think are overrated/underrated in the series?

    I can see your other points (even If I don't really agree with them, but that's a personal opnion), but I think this one doesn't really hold true. While Vanitas was not directly connected to Aqua unlike Ven, he was all up in her business throughout the entire route and was a much more direct...
  20. Noivern

    What characters do you think are overrated/underrated in the series?

    The most overrated character in the series IMO is Axel. His role and personality changed dramatically from his first introduction and he was pushed to guardian-status purely because of popularity, but in the process he doesn't really have anything that we can call his anymore. From the...