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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    Xion question ne one else think Xion looks like kairi? i havnt ben on here n 4 god damn ever n idk wuts ben goin on
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    BBS Glitch!!

    ya i cudnt c it either but just incase i was just too retarded to c it, it wud probably be just cuz the games still n developement and they havnt worked out all the glitches yet
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    BBS Worlds-Opinionate Away!

    id like to see less kidi worlds n KH so id like to c stuff like pirates of the carribian, narnia wud be alrite, the black cauldron, atlantis, treasure planet wud be F***ING AWSOME!, the nightmare before x-mas, and i think thats about all i can think of
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    D.S.? Who is he?

    maybe the old guy's name is actually Xehanort and DS is the xehanort that we all kno n KH to KHII, but its not his real name, as in he stole it from MX we all kno that aparently the young xehanort has a habit of stealing names (*Cough* Ansem *Cough*)
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    Where's the Armor

    Nomura has alredy confirmed that the cut-scene w all of them having armor is near the end of BBS so ull probably get the armor then
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    BBS Symbol and Heartless Symbol

    u kno this is kinda funny all i wanted was 2 kno wut everyones thot was on the fact that the 2 symbols look similar and then we got ppl talkin bout ansems old reports and wether xehanort looks like terra just goes 2 show how things can get unfocused
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    BBS Symbol and Heartless Symbol

    lol i did get this from sumone else but it wasnt u lmao i guess ppl luv ur picture
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    BBS Symbol and Heartless Symbol

    idk if ne one else has noticed or post a thread bout this, but iv noticed that the heartless symbol and the symbol on Terra and Ven from BBS seem 2 b very symilar 2 me, besides the long spike at the bottom of the BBS one maybe there could be sum connection with these symbols and the...
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    Sephiroth in Birth BY Sleep?

    this isnt the first thread about sephiroth bein in BBS next time u wana no sumthin like that, u shud probably just look it up in an older thread
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    The way VEN uses his keyblade

    ur rite it does make i look cool im just wondering why his is so diffrent
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    The way VEN uses his keyblade

    close, he does hav it pointing out of the back of his hand but im talkin about how he hits ppl w the other end
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    The way VEN uses his keyblade

    i noticed in a pic of ven that he wields his keyblade in an odd way wut i mean is that he uses it w the, i call it a "sprout", as the attacking end everyone else uses it w the sprout on the back end wut do yal think about it?
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    Aqua,ven,terra VS mx & ds!

    obviously TERRA cuz he destroys worlds! plus his keyblade is the most amazing one iv ever seen
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    Heartless existed in BBS!!!

    for all the noobs that keep posting that there are heartless in BBS and for all the noobs that will continue to post it NOMURA HAS ALREADY CONFIRMED THAT "THERE ARE NO HEARTLESS IN BBS"! get it in ur heads!
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    BBS in a computer

    that keyblade is just summoned like that its not the same as Roxas's either
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    358/2 days

    lmao damn, everyones just rankin on wiired lol
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    simple question (bbs)

    they are puting alot of focus on Terra but i think itl be equal for all of em
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    who do u think is hotter?

    Kairi from KHII or Yuffie from KHII?
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    Keyblades in BBS

    i just dnt think that their keblades can get ne stronger i dnt no if yall hav seen the fite against Terra in Final Mix, but hes doin all kinds of crazy shit w his keyblade like makin it bigger, swingin it around w his mind or sumthin, and turnin it n2 this massive cannon thing idk how the fuk he...
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    Keyblades in BBS

    ya i dnt think they change in all of BBS