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    The 14th Member [QUESION]

    Ok, I really can't remember, did Nomura say that it Namine is not the 14th member of the Organization? Please don't flame, it's been a while since I've been on. If you help, thank you.
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    What I Know/Need To Know About BBS

    ok so i read that BBS for the psp is gonna be like kh2 but with a more similar card base system as COM was.... also, theres three different playable stories right? and the people from the secret ending r in BBS? the old dude is "Master Xehabort"? and i noticed something special about Ven: he has...
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    Secret Ending Question

    uhhh... yeah.... i noticed in like a lot of the shots in both secret endings, theres a Fenrir-look-a-like Keyblade and dont tell me it IS Fenrir cuz thats retarded i know what Fenrir looks like, and theres some differences(i forgot the differences because i was thinking of this a LONG time...
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    Action Reply MAX Question

    well, this doesnt involve codes, but ive seen an option on it that i can play foreign discs using it? im gonna be ordering FM+ soon and id like to know if i could play FM+ WITHOUT getting my US ps2 modded using that function on AR MAX. so, is it possible?
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    Xigbar = D.S.

    ok, i know this may be far fetched, but after reading this thread, it got me thinking that Xigbar knows about the past and that fight, maybe he was there, maybe he was Dark Soldier? like, u see the acrobatics preformed by DS and i see that the body looks similar to that of Xigbar, maybe DS was...
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    Keyblade Strengths

    ok, so y is it the in KH1, the Keyblade were WAY(seems) stronger than KH2 Keyblades? like: KH1 Ultima Weapon was like 13 atk and KH2 Ultima Weapon was like 6 atk y the difference?
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    This Quote....

    ok, so like as u know, at the end of KH Kairi sends a letter to Sora and he reads it: "Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows: Starting a new journey may not be so hard...
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    Ultima Weapon

    ok, has ne one ever looked rly close to the Ultima Weapon? ITS JUST A FRIGGAN ROD WITH WEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god how weak is that!? its just a dang rod.... -_- and from KH1 it was a REAL sword with webbing on it.... -_- y would they do that to the KH2 Ultima Weapon?
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    Their Parents

    ok, so like as u know, there isnt rly any parents in the KH series. but from 1, u hear Sora's mother calling him for dinner. and also, wouldnt their parents be like worried that they havent been home in more than(maybe) 2 years?
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    action replay codes

    we know this my currently made cheast i have on my AR is: unlimited drive Leon in party Fight Cloud ne where Gummi Ship in worlds(WTF!?!?) 64 drive bars king mickey r2 and sora l2 anti form fast lvl up drives 98 fenrirs watch scenes with mickey MAX growth abilities(requires certain enter form)...
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    action replay codes

    wow... im a proud user of AR and i went through those and found some i didnt have... i put them in to say the least....
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    Quest for Release

    highly doubt they will but we could try... -_-
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    Quest for Release

    @ Takushi Rena: they dont sound good at all... it makes me feel like id have to kick my own ass if i were to be in something that was called "Alliance of Memories" . . . . . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Quest for Release

    yeah... a name would be cool.... but what? *thinks*
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    The Worlds

    ok, so like in the game, the talk about the worlds as if they were once connected. but now they arent..... so like, r they ACTUALLY saying that they were connected at one point in the period of being? i wonder what all those different worlds would be like if they all were connected together into...
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    What Does It Take?

    well, ive been conflicted about this thing. like what exactly does it take to become a stronger heartless/nobody? like we know u have to have a strong heart in order to befall to the heartless and also turn into a nobody. but does having a stronger than normal heart mean u become a stronger...
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    sry if this is a stupid question to ask but. . . . . would Parlay mean anything outside of the Port Royal world to Sora, etc.? cuz im hung up and cant seem to figure it out...
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    Is Axel REALLY Such a Bad Guy?

    well, im conflicted about Axel since he seems to constantly switch sides as if he were neutral.... like, he is in the Organization, but betrays it to go after Roxas. which Roxas is in Sora, so he goes after Sora. to defeat Sora? to make him a heartless once more for Roxas to be released again...
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    Wait.... Xehanort's Heartless?

    ok ok, soo... Ansem/Xehanort's Heartless was defeated in KH1, correct? now, how can he show up in CoM if he was destroyed by the light? im lost here.... -_- Side Theory: well, u know how u fought Ansem/Xehanort's Heartless in KH1, and u fought Xemnas... they ALL have ties to Ansem the Wise...
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    Is It Worth It?

    im making this thread about Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+.... now, ive been thinking... is it REALLY worth buying FM+ just for some minor alterations and changes? i know, that i really want it cuz the new battles, new outfits/Drive, new enemy colors, new areas, new...