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    What do you want for Christmas?

    I wasnt really sure where to put this so I just picked one sorry if it is in the wrong space which it probably is and I really dont know if this was already a thread but anyways,.... Im very curious, What is you dream gifts for Christmas? List everything that you want here :D Me....I want an...
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    Help/Support ► Just a lil' bit

    Just because they dont say something dosnt mean they dont appriciate you, and maybe if you start paying attention you will see that they did thank you maybe not by saying it but by showing you how much they enjoyed what you gave them. You are appriciated sometimes you have to look outside the...
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    End of the world 2012!!

    I don't know if there was already a thread on this subject but I am really curious about what everyone else thinks of this. So, there is this common belief that the Mayan Calendar holds a prophecy that the end of the world will happen on December 21, 2012 when the plane of our Solar System will...
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    Help/Support ► Feeling down... again

    If I were you I would tell all my problems to someone that I really trust, get all your feelings out and then you will feel much better :D You should focus on the positive things in your life dont concentrate on the the negative things because thats you setting your self up for failure and...
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    Loser Bands

    Sooo....I want to know what bands do you guys like totally dislike? I hate all screaming bands they give me migraines:cursing:!
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    Help/Support ► Im hurting inside

    I think should sit down with this so called girlfriend and see where you stand, see if she thinks that you guys are in a relationship or whatnot. If so then she shouldn't be holding you friends hand shes probably just doing it to make you jealous so you will make a move already. But then...
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    Help/Support ► Mean friends

    You should like act yourself and dont try to be something your not to fit in, you will get a friend sooner or later and when you do then you will realize that it was worth the wait, its better to have one good friend that is really your friend the to have a dozen cool friends that you rarely...
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    Cubs Suck?

    Curious how many people think the Cubs suck seeing that they blew their chance this year and if they dont win the World Series next year then it will be 100 years of failure! Personally I cant stand the Cubs they havent won this years or for the past 99 years there is really no hope for them :D